View Full Version : Where do you run your Mini-zs

2002.06.26, 09:15 PM
Just wondering, where all you other Hawaii run your minizs. Slo-Mo-Dena, SonicVw and I race our minizs outside of our office on this concrete slab. We're currently have an oval track set up, with SonicVw working on the turns. He he, yesterday, we setup our first on track dv-cam to catch the action. Maybe on day, i'll get around to capturing and uploading the vid.

So lets hear where you're running, maybe some pics as well. I'll snap a few action photos of our afternoon race today and post them.

Well since we have our own area, we might as well start using it.

2002.06.27, 02:45 AM
Most of my friends aren't into this. Been running solo in my garage and in my master bathroom on the sheet vinal flooring. More fun on the vinal than the concrete garage. Hope to check out Hobby Co one day.

Hey where is your office in McCully? Are you guys into 1:1 scale cars too? My main thing is trying to setup my car for autocross.

The Thunderer
2002.06.27, 03:15 AM
I've got a concrete slab beside my house that we use as a Car Port. When I want to race my Z's, I race them there or in the garage on the carpet there. I don't know anyone else that has R/C cars here in Hilo. When I get a chance, I'm going to visit Hobby Co. and bring my UGLY Trueno body and race it there. It probably won't be for awhile though.

2002.06.27, 01:46 PM
He He, i took some video yesterday of our track, its about 9' x 25', right now we're using these cardboard tubes for the center of the track, and using regular garden hoses for the exterior portion of the track. This is a quick 3d model of what we want our track to be, I'll upload some actual race vids later.

Right Click to Save (http://home.hawaii.rr.com/laddman/vids/mini-track.avi)