View Full Version : Buy/Sell/Trade Feedback Rules

2009.10.25, 11:31 AM
You guys have asked for it, now its here. If you don't follow the rules we will ban you from posting here.

1. Only 1 member feedback thread shall be made. If someone were to make a feedback thread for me the title of the thread should only say: arch2b (member forum name). Please SEARCH for the user before posting a new feedback thread.

2. You CANNOT respond to your own feedbacks. If false claims were made about you then please report it to us and not in the thread. If there is such good evidence to state that the feedback left is false we will ban the member who posted it from posting in this forum.

3. No using real names or posting of personal information. Use only board screen name.

4. No profanity or flames.

5. Keep feedbacks civil and to the point.

6. After a while the number of pages to be shown are cut down to 2 or so. No names are deleted, only the most recent "30 day" page posts are shown. If you don't see your name make sure to go all the way at the bottom and change "30 day" to "since beginning" then you can search for your name, it will be made available. Remember, NO names are deleted.