View Full Version : RCPMini-z

2009.10.25, 12:02 PM
very good member, he gave me an amazing deal and responded to everything. Perfectly packed and on time to the day!

2009.10.25, 12:07 PM
can't say enough good tings about RCPMini-z. over the years i've had plenty of transactions and all completed to my utmost satisfaction :)

2009.11.05, 03:39 AM
supper seller, very accommodating, quick to deal with, would do business with him again.... A++++

2010.01.15, 09:14 AM
Excellent to deal with. I would not hesitate to do businees with him again. Purchased Thursday afternoon and received item the next morning.

2010.01.20, 11:05 AM
Exceptional member of our miniz community. Sold me 20+ bodies (lot) and included "rare" body as a surprise.....how cooool is that?

2011.09.19, 06:46 AM
Got a "lot" of bodies from RCPMini-z lately. They came professionally packed, and I couldn't have dreamed up better pricing and quality! Bodies were all practically brand new, and dirt cheap!

2012.11.12, 04:16 PM
Not my first transaction with him. As always, prompt and well packed!