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2009.10.25, 02:09 PM
Just purchased 2 F1 bodies, they were packed very will, shipped right out and arrived as described in the thread.

Highly recommended. :D

2009.10.26, 07:04 PM
Just wanted to give props to VAzRacer - dude is a pro packager, ships quickly, and has great communication. Since we don't have a feedback section I figured I'd give a shout out here. Thanks!!!

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2010.02.16, 02:34 PM
ive gotten 2 bodys from him.easy person to do business.i would buy form him any time .all the bodys were in great shape

2010.02.19, 07:26 PM
I second that

2010.02.22, 02:51 PM
good seller AAA+++

2010.02.26, 11:05 PM
Got everything as advertised. Thanks.

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2011.03.28, 03:38 PM
just got my ma-010 from him! Everything was packed well and shipped fast! he threw in an extra body which was cool of him! I'd def buy from again no doubt! Thanks again!

2011.04.06, 10:35 PM
Just bought a Blue r34 Nur body from him! Was packaged well and shipped very fast! I have been very satisfied with this guy! Will always buy from!