View Full Version : ProfoxCG

2009.10.25, 07:51 PM
great seller, shipped the package extremely fast

would buy from him again

2009.11.08, 12:15 PM
Complete agreement with Santy on ProfoxCG. Good guy to deal with and it was an easy sale for a good price.


2010.01.20, 11:00 AM
Bought a 90mm mount and was shipped right away.

2010.01.20, 12:22 PM
Bought a few things from Profox (including an EX1-UR). Everything was priced fairly, and arrived very quick in the perfect condition in which it was decribed. I would not hesitate to buy from him again.

2011.02.24, 09:27 AM
Purchased a KT-18 controller. Item as described, shipping costs accurate.... What more could a buyer as for?

2011.04.19, 05:20 AM
I have to leave a negative here. I bought a pcb from him and paid the agreed price. Then he refunds my payment saying shipping is too much. I replied offering to pay the extra shipping,but got no reply at all. I can only assume it has been sold to someone else.
If sellers are gong to offer international shipping,they should get quotes BEFORE offering items for sale,not after.