View Full Version : Mini-Z forums on a Palm?

2002.06.26, 11:49 PM
I was thinking... Anybody know of a way to get the "view new posts" to work on a palm so that I can read the forums on the buss and subway on my way to work?
AvantGO, or some other offline browser ?
I still do not have a GPRS mobile so I can't really be online realtime. :)

2002.06.27, 08:29 PM
W-tone, you should be able to do it with AvantGo or similar, using the View New Posts as your root page and then setting it to drill down say 3 pages (that way if the New Posts is 2 pages, you can get the threads linked to on the Second page). Let me know your results, if it doesn't work then I'll see what I can do to set something up for PDAs and phones.

2002.06.28, 12:31 AM
I tried with avantGO.
I got the new posts, but it's not fun to read. You have to scroll both horizontaly and vertically.
I think it's just avantGO.