View Full Version : Vancouver / Seattle Mini-z Track?

2009.10.26, 01:32 PM
I'll be traveling to Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, WA next week. Are there mini-z tracks/clubs out there?

2009.11.19, 11:49 PM
Man. I missed seeing this post - I could have hooked you up and raced a bit here in Vancouver. If you come by again, fire me a PM!


2009.11.21, 01:43 AM
Too Bad. Where is the track located?

2009.11.21, 02:55 AM
There used to be three or four hobby shops with dedicated RCP tracks in the lower mainland, but I believe only one now has a dedicated track and I haven't been to it myself - there were a couple in Richmond, one in New Westminster, and I believe the only remaining one is in Surrey (Competition RC?). There is one out a bit further away in Abbotsford, from what I understand... it's not *that* far away... lol.

Lately some larger events have been set up in at a school gym (rental space), the next one coming up next Sunday. There are a number of us with tracks around town though, so we can generally set up a race anywhere space is available. Lastly, a number of us will likely be re-joining the HFAY races in January, so we'll race that once a month and hope to run a few larger endurance races in between if we can manage it.

Mini-z racing seems to be slowly gaining popularity here - which is good to see. Hopefully the trend will continue. There is a fair amount of cross-over from guys who are into the larger scale cars, so once the better weather hits, we lose some people... but that's just the way of it in a small market.

Do you travel up here with any regularity?


2009.11.21, 05:24 AM
:mad:I had been to all the places you mentioned and that was my first trip to Vancouver.!!!!! I had nothing to do after 9pm over there.

I'm from New Jersey therefore I don't frequently visit Vancouver. However, I will definitely visit Vancouver again in the near future.

2009.11.21, 10:30 PM
Hey Sai,

Sorry to hear you had an unsuccessful trip - wish I saw this sooner :(. I was on the boards, but not paying attention to this tracks forum. We have typically used the minirc.ca site for local talk.

Hit me up the next time you're in town! I can PM you my phone number if you'd like. I'll line something up with some of the group nearby. If you're in town next Sunday (the 29th of November), there's the last of our big track races happening before the new year. We're planning on doing the HFAY BTE in December, if all pans out well, but I don't think we've nailed down a date yet for that. I'm hoping it'll be either the 12th or 19th weekend - either Sat. or Sun to be determined.


2009.12.30, 04:56 PM
Check this out!






2009.12.30, 06:00 PM
That'll be some fun...hope to make it down soon after the holiday season, guys.:D

2009.12.30, 06:33 PM
Check this out!

An impressive looking track.. Do you run it counter clockwise?

2009.12.30, 07:37 PM
heh. Hoping to get the chance to burn around on that track this weekend if the stars align. Looks like a lot of fun, for sure.

Lookinco will need to take some more on-board video of this one, I believe... ;)


2009.12.31, 02:37 PM
We got lights!!!



We usually run clockwise.

And for sure there will be more onboard video coming! :D