View Full Version : November ?

2009.10.26, 08:33 PM
Hey, you guys going to be having a race sometime in November ?
(Other than the Thursday tune sessions, which I can never seem to make...:eek:)

2009.10.27, 12:16 PM
Well... Nekocon the 7th & 8th, Garden State shootout at Maj's on the 21st... that leaves the 15th and the 29th open for racing outside of the Thursday night tunes which have become a little less frequent as of late due to scheduling issues. I've been playing the crazed chainsaw guy (not a far stretch for me) at a local Haunted House but this is the last week for that, although it does run thru this Sunday.

So, 15th and 29th... I would suggest the 29th after were all coming back from our tryptophan buzzes. (nice calm racing)

2009.10.28, 08:02 PM
29th sounds good to me....

2009.11.02, 06:53 PM
I'm wondering if Larry has played with his new '03s yet......lol.

2009.11.02, 06:55 PM
I got the goods...BUT didnt get to them yet. Im finishing my regular cars from racing at the charity race. Hopefully by the weekend.;):)

2009.11.02, 06:58 PM
I figured it wouldn't be long.....lol.

2009.11.02, 09:27 PM
Actually got a couple of hop-ups to. They sold out in a flash.:eek: