View Full Version : Porsche 911 GT3

2009.10.27, 03:42 PM
Hello there. I'm curious. How many 911 GT3 bodies were there made in Mini-Z AutoScale?
I just received my silver Dnano body and I love it! Would like to find it's bigger brother.
I'm pretty sure I've seen the GT3 in silver before, possibly Iwaver? Anybody have any photo's? Thank you!

2009.10.27, 03:59 PM
i know there was a silver one made by kyosho you see them on ebay from time to time they also made a red version which i used to have but now gone to rc heaven we need pics of the silver one theres a mini-z racer one on ebay right now but its yellow item no 260496806019

2009.10.27, 04:27 PM
Thank you. I thought I'd seen it in silver. Don't care for the yellow one though. Just would like to find one to match my Dnano.