View Full Version : Sunday 8th November Race Day (THE WORLD CHAMPS)

2009.10.27, 03:51 PM

Date & venue booked

Perkins Sports & Social Club,
Tixall Rd,
ST16 3UB

from 1300hrs until 2200hrs.

Cost for the day will be 8. (newcomers free). This includes hot dogs.

We're at Perkins again so please try and support this event to cover the extra cost of hiring the room.

Racing Mini z, Xmod, Iwavers......& F1's.

Club Champs (class, stock or modified) during the afternoon on the PN world championships track layout.......If we've got enough track and can get a plan of it that is..... See how we compare to the big boys who race this weekend in Spain..... Mk2Kompressor is flying the flag for England.....good luck Matt.
If we can't reproduce the PN track we'll build a different "Full Monty" layout to last month.

HFAY OLPS Season 8 Races 9 & 10 in the evening (both classes racer & F1). in the evening.

Make sure you bring extension leads for "piggybacking" ,the room is short on power points.

Track construction will take less time the more bodies we have laying it so do your best to be there as close to 1 o'clock as possible.

No kitchen facilities,,,, bring your own food and drink.....no shops nearby.... but the bar is open all day.

2009.10.27, 03:57 PM
i might be able to make it up there for this:)

maybe bring a trophy;)

2009.10.27, 04:16 PM
i might be able to make it up there for this:)

maybe bring a trophy;)
Hope you can and do.
Have you seen the PN track layout or is it secret until the weekend?

2009.10.27, 04:47 PM
secret ill post you some spy shots if i can;)

2009.10.27, 05:36 PM
i will come to this regardless :)
sounds good! :)

2009.10.27, 05:46 PM
Great idea! Can't wait! See you then guys!

2009.10.31, 01:33 PM
Can't make this again guys, got a Bedworth winter meet, so I'm taking my ne F1 there, but I'll pop in after I've raced, which will probably be about 5ish, I'm not gonna break any speed limits on the way back like I nearly did in July / August?

Might only be able to make meets on the 3rd and 4th sunday's for the next 6 months now too, after just checking the dates :(

2009.11.01, 08:14 AM
Seen the PN finals track layout and its to big to fit in at Perkins..... the PN qualifer layout looks a better bet though.

2009.11.02, 06:51 AM
Just heard that MR TUNKS is attending......thats great news.

2009.11.02, 09:50 AM
yup,ill be there and ill bring some goodies;)

2009.11.02, 10:02 AM
:d good you'll be there, and very interested to know what the goodies are but ill have to wait and see :)

and PM me damnit! :P

2009.11.02, 11:09 AM
i would if you emptied your inbox:p

2009.11.02, 11:22 AM
:D emptied it now! :)

2009.11.05, 11:40 AM
ill be there brian do you have anymore of the large core tags for sale :)

2009.11.05, 04:45 PM
ill be there brian do you have anymore of the large core tags for sale :)

Yes 3 each

2009.11.05, 05:07 PM
ill take one too please if you got enough :)

2009.11.05, 11:35 PM
cheers brian ill see you on sunday :)

2009.11.06, 05:12 AM
ill take one too please if you got enough :)

Yes no problem

2009.11.06, 05:38 AM
bri i need your number:)
any ideas what you guys want me to bring stock wise?

2009.11.06, 07:22 AM
mr02 rims for enzo (white)
this autoscale at the bottom :D

p.s. sorry to hijack :p

2009.11.06, 08:41 AM
2x AR-244-W08 rcp tyres ,AWD-071 ,AWD-074 ,AWD-075 and pnwc 70t stock brushes if its not to much trouble if you dont have anything no worrys cheers matt :)

2009.11.06, 09:29 AM
:eek:i got to fit my racing stuff in the car too guys!!
please pm or shout out on the rsr forum:)

2009.11.07, 02:05 AM
Brian, I'll need 2 or 3 of the Core transponders too. See you all tommorrow.

2009.11.07, 07:35 AM
Brian, I'll need 2 or 3 of the Core transponders too. See you all tommorrow.

can do!!!!!

2009.11.09, 04:59 AM
Great day of racing peeps. Some top notch racing and MR03 action. It was also good to see a good turnout, again. :D It was also ace to have a good browse at all Matt's stock! :D :D

Some good snaps from yesterday - loved the Megane. :D Much smaller in real life than I expected it to be.


And the final heat of the SMZR made for some very close results:


2009.11.11, 08:16 AM
thanks for a great days racing as always :) it was good to turn a few laps with the team bert guys shows how much work i need to do on my driving and car :o might try using my awd abit more if i get it to run right :)

2009.11.11, 10:41 AM
Don't see why not Matt, it's like a flippin rocket! :D

2009.11.11, 12:22 PM
think i've got the AWD where i want it :D

just gotta sort some tyres out - as i wore the fronts completely down lol

waiting on MR-02 still :( got a couple of option parts for it already - it's as if it's teasing me! :(

2009.11.11, 01:41 PM
Completely forgot your spares Sunday... Sorry! :o

2009.11.11, 01:51 PM
no probs dude, was too focused on my WORKING awd to be bothered :D
by the way, you have msn?

2009.11.11, 02:58 PM
Yeah man, itomcash[@]gmail.com :)

2009.11.12, 02:37 AM
Great days racing guys. Big thanks to Brian for organising. I know what a thankless task it seems sometimes but I reckon everyone appreciates it very much. Good to see Terry and the fact he has bought a car means he'll be a regular visitor. My mates Ash and Jason thought it was all fantastic and both want to return.
Cheers to Bert Trunks for providing me with the perfect rear tyres as my racing wasn't going well up to that point.
Stafford is on a roll with more turning up at each event. Lets keep it up!

2009.11.12, 03:25 AM
Yea i agree with you chris, Sunday was absolutely fantastic, and an awesome turnout with a decent track as well!
Just hope i can make the next event!