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2009.10.28, 10:51 AM
Hello there. I have pretty much ended my Mini-Z Collection last year with the exception of one Pearl White Murcielago body.
This year, I started my Dnano collection and I'd like to share with you all. Some of you may have seen these at TinyRC.
I figured since the Dnano's are just starting off, they would be much easier to collect than the Mini-Z's. Those have become impossible to collect now as the old and rare ones are just too far out there to collect. And, I'm not impressed with the finishes on the new "Fine Hand-Polished" job's.
Plus, I'm just fascinated by the small 1/43 scale! I love it! Anyway, enjoy the gallery!

2009.10.28, 10:56 AM

And the first of many AutoScales to come. I plan on getting duplicate AutoScales of my current collection, and future collection. http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g184/marq74/Dnano/DSC09884.jpg

2009.10.28, 11:16 AM
Nice collection Marc,tho imo the murci and porsche need the wheels swapping. :)

2009.10.28, 11:22 AM
Thank's Kryten, but I like'em better this way!

2009.10.29, 01:26 AM
cool collection.... which one handles best?

2009.10.29, 03:49 AM
when money is not so much of an issue..this happens:D

2009.10.29, 06:15 AM
when money is not so much of an issue..this happens:D

Lol amen XD

2009.10.29, 08:16 AM
nice collection you have so far!

i'll reserver further praise to see if you keep them;)

2009.10.29, 10:19 AM
Thank's guys. So far the Murcielago is the best handling one, Countach second, Porsche I find twitchy so far. Still no luck binding the Subaru so I don't know how it handles yet. I think I've reached the limit with models paired to the KT-18 so it might be time to get a Helio's.
Arch, I plan on keeping these for sure. After I've finished upgrading the three cars, I don't know if I want to touch the Subaru, or get a fifth car. Fifth car will be either the black Mclaren F1, or a yellow F-40. I eventually plan on having all of them including a duplicate body of each running chassis.
These are much more fun than the Mini-Z's. While I have no more track at home, I can still get good runs with these on our shop carpet.
I have looked at some 1/43 scale display cases and have been very tempted to get one for these cars.
Keep an eye out for this thread, I'm sure the collection will grow! :D

2009.10.29, 11:26 AM
These are much more fun than the Mini-Z's. While I have no more track at home, I can still get good runs with these on our shop carpet.

As much as I love the idea of smaller hobby-grades, I'll beg to differ here man. VEEEEERY pricey for what you get, more fragile, can run on even less surfaces than our Zs, most likely no way to squeeze AWD in there or it would cost upwards of $300 retail.

2009.10.29, 12:02 PM
1. in real costs, they are still a good value considering the size, precision and quality. smaller doesn't always mean cheaper. sure i wish they could be a slight bit cheaper but knowing a bit about kyosho and their motives as covered here by cristian, it all fits in with their mode of business. sure it doesn't align with out domestic market but honestly, it doesn't have to and it's clear kyosho doesn't plan to change their status quo.
2. they are not more fragile than a mini-z. i've run mine at home extensively and my kids have as well without breaking anything other than the rubber mirror off the body. my kids have done far worse already with their stock mr-02 mini-z's. they are indeed more susceptible to debrise but that is not the same issue as being fragile. in talking with others at the als race, they are of the same opinion.
3. there are any number of quality surfaces to run a dnano on. while the quantity will not match that of a mini-z, there are indeed plenty of choices out there. i think the greater problem is that few have done the work to try or share their experience other than maybe the tracks guys on tinyrc whom have posted a great deal of information on various surface explorations. you need only talk to ken when at the als race to understand as he has been doing his own research.
4. i could care less about an awd dnano. i could honestly do without an awd mini-z. they have yet to be proven better than an mr-015 equally tuned to a track. it's just another flavor really. i'm sure i'm not alone in that opinion. at this size and weight, i'm not sold that awd would provide any more benefit to the dnano, conversely, i propose it would simply make them far to technical and tedious to maintain and keep running. awd is not the end all be all. i for one am perfectly happy with 2wd.

2009.10.29, 12:36 PM
nice collection, i wish the miniz bodies had the same amount of detail. that subaru is soooo nice

2009.10.29, 12:47 PM
dont worry, dnano track will be available soon...great collection i really hope one day i can collect all of em...

smaller in professional RC world usually cost more, the bigger car like the new inferno VE RTR with team orion brushless system which runs on 4 cell lipo only cost as much as a fully hop up MR-03/MR-02 haha:D

2009.10.29, 12:55 PM
As for Archs' reference to the AWD, it would be cool for table-top drifting, but with the optional gyro, AWD is not needed for flat-out racing. And I agree, an AWD version would probably cost way more, and would be way to tedious to work on. I envy the fellow who custom built that one AWD Dnano posted elsewhere, but I am very satisfied with the Dnano's the way they are today.
It takes a lot of engineering, tooling, and assembly to make something this small. I think the price equals the quality of these little cars. I certainly have no complaints!
But please, this is supposed to be my photo gallery, not a discussion thread. I appreciate comments related to the collection, but let's keep it that way please? Thank you!

Now, back to the gallery! :D

2009.10.29, 01:29 PM
I'd pay for an awd dnano. :D


Only fragile part is the stock plate. These are
durable, and surprisingly fast stock for such a
small scale.


Those murc wheels are atrocious marc. ;)

Sad to see you cut into the body (that murc didn't
need that dds) but at least its getting used. :)


2009.10.29, 01:32 PM
Well, when PN releases their six-spoke racing wheels, I'll replace them. For now, I like it as is.
And I like it with the disc-damper! :D
It is by far my most rock-solid high-performer!

2009.10.29, 01:34 PM
any pictures of the display case you had in mind?

2009.10.29, 01:36 PM
any pictures of the display case you had in mind?

I'll have to find it off of ebay......................look's similar to what other's have used for 1/28 scale AutoScales.

Check out ebay item number 300361546145. A little pricey for a display case, but look's to be of high quality with dust-resistant shelves and doors. So it might be a worthy investment.

2009.10.29, 01:42 PM
But please, this is supposed to be my photo gallery, not a discussion thread. I appreciate comments related to the collection, but let's keep it that way please? Thank you!

Now, back to the gallery! :D

oppsss my bad...haha same happens to MR-03 thread :p

2009.10.29, 03:00 PM
Not a problem, but I'd prefer this just be a photo-gallery.

2009.11.25, 05:33 PM
Cinco Dnano! Number five has arrived! This is my fifth Dnano to join the fleet! This time, a gorgeous yellow Ferrari F-40! Mmmmmmmmmm, yummy!

2009.11.26, 01:48 AM
super sweet F40!

2009.11.26, 02:42 PM
Thank's, it's now my favorite of the bunch!