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2009.10.29, 03:01 PM
I came across this on the Ko Propo America site, and did a google search to find out a bit more. Looks like it also has a new Mini-z module, since the part# changed from 901 to 902.
Anyone else know anything else about this controller?? Personally I am still hoping Ko Propo will offer us a lower cost EX-5 UR stateside that is specifically for the Mini-z line. Here's a link below with some info.


2010.01.06, 11:40 AM
I am searching for info on this new KO Tx, but it hasn't been very forthcoming. I especially would like to know about the new 402SM Mini-Z module for the Eurus, I guess it will only work with the Eurus. Even though the ASF cars work great overall, if the new 902SM Mini-z module puts out a stronger ASF signal I would think this would be a big step in keeping races clean without any malfunctions/loss-of-bond-issues/ dead cars, and them some.

Any info through the grapevine I would so much appreciate everyone! I think I heard this month-release, so I can't wait to get a gander at one. I am a happy owner of both a Helios and EX-1UR and both have served me well. The EX-1UR is my current fave, it just feels so nice, like it has more comfort feaures.

If the Eurus truly expands the signal of the ASF band,'m sure many pros running lare PNWC-type track may want the added frequecy-binding assurance.

Thanks for any info in advance. And thank you to Action RC's thead where they've posted so pics/info on the Eurus.:D

2010.01.06, 07:16 PM
One thing i will say........i heard through the grapevine;) that this radio for the mini-z is to fast. To quick to make it not real suitable for the Zs.:( I to was waiting for this radio tilll i heard that. Of course time will tell and hopefully it will be good.

2010.01.06, 08:46 PM
Larry, the good thing about being too fast, is you can always slow it down to exactly the point you want :P

2010.01.06, 09:35 PM
I think and hope that will do it. My understanding is its to quick.....at slowest/lowest setting.:confused: Atleast we will know soon i guess.

2010.01.06, 11:20 PM
In what aspect is it too quick? That could be why there is a new ASF module for the Eurus...

2010.01.07, 04:04 AM
wow, new from KO Propo!
poor me i can only use stick kindda tx :(

still love my Esprit III... :p

2010.01.20, 01:12 AM
Any fresh news on this new EX-10 Eurus badboy? And regarding the new 902-SM module for the Eurus: Is this going to really boost the signal of the 2.4? And does it boost only the 2.4 cars? What about my old-faithful AD-BandMR02 and very-touchy-AD-Band-MA010, and my old AM-Band fleet?

For a while when the EX1-UR first hit, it was so hot, people everywhere were shelving their Helios's and getting EX-1UR's. I have a Helios and wanted to try the EX-1UR for the longest time, because of three things really. First, the grip on the Helios just never quite felt perfect. Close, but not perfect. I thought about getting the larger grip set, maybe that will still help. But I did the mod that seems popular these days - A few wraps of tennis grip. Feels better now, but still not perfect. Secondly, I always liked the good-old KT-5. A lot.:) When the EX1-UR arrived, it was like the KT-5 of my dreams....:D Third, for some reason, my AD-Band MA010 just doesn't work well at all with my Helios. Every other signal (Mini-Z - AM, 2.4) works great with the Helios. Except my MA010 AD car. I know, I know.... It sounds like the car and not the Tx.... Anyway, finally I got meself an EX-1UR. Simply put, I love the thing. And guess what? My AD-MA010 does actually work better with the EX-1UR. Weird I know, but there it is.

OK, got sidetracked... The funny thing is, after so many people went and bought the EX-1UR and liked it a lot and have used it for while, I see so many pilots running the EX-10 Helios again!:) The Helios is a great Tx, no doubt. But every big race I check out pics of I see EX-10 Helios's being all over driver's stands. Could it be guys are getting ready for the EX-10 Eurus? Makes sense to me. Just wondering if some guys could chime in and let me know if they are actually doing this.

And of course any news would be great:D Feedback too for those lucky enough to snatch one of these killer Tx's. Thanks!:D