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2009.10.30, 08:55 AM
I was just wondering if there was any interest in implementing a shop feedback section? I know that MZR has it's own shop, but would be interesting to see delivery times and what people think of other shops and how they have dealt with customer services etc.
I know that i would like to share information with people anyway, because i have been ripped off twice from the same shop now and will never be shopping there again for mini-z stuff, and just wanted to inform people!

2009.10.30, 01:23 PM
for now, it might work to start a thread in the buy/sell/trade feedback with the shop name. we can always move it later if need be.

just remember, even bad reviews can be done tastefully :)

2009.10.30, 06:14 PM
ok thanks :)
and yes, it will be constructive and not bitchy! :)