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2002.06.27, 11:41 AM
hey i need some input on electronics. i am planning on building an rc "battlebot" to compete against my freinds with. The plan is to have 4 wheels, 2 oneach side with no steering, just left side forward and back, and right side forward and back, like tank controls. i need to know the equip. i'll need and how to use it. That's a lot to ask i know and i'll appriciate any input. thanks.

If you havn't noticed i'm new at making my own custom stuff:(

2002.06.27, 11:55 AM
what kind of electronics do you need? how much money are you willing to spend? why did you post it here? are you going to make it of mini-z parts? so many questions:p

2002.06.27, 08:57 PM
You should be fine w/ 1/10 scale Tx/Rx, and then for the ESC and motors, you need to look for electric wheelchair parts.

2002.06.27, 09:00 PM
there are tyco cars that work like your "battlebot" maybe you could work with those electronics. btw there should be mini-z battlebots. they wouldn't last long:p

2002.06.28, 12:30 PM
i was planning on using all rc components(1/10-1/12 scale). i have lots of radio stuff to use and plan on using 2.2" truck wheels and 20-turn motors. this is not a serious destruction robot, but more of a fun thing my freinds and i do.

2002.06.28, 01:07 PM
you could try some silver can 540 motors instead. they will have more torque and more "destuction time". the 20 turns might be a little fast, unless you want to be running away all the time:p

2002.06.28, 01:58 PM
ok thanks for telling me what to use but it's more inportant to me to see how to use it. like the drivetrain and the esc/reciever/servo and radio. i really have no idea how to do it and cant find it anywhere. thanks alot u guys are helpful

2002.06.28, 10:05 PM
and another thing to do is work on your art as i work on my spelling, nice pic

2002.06.28, 11:37 PM
Try searching for "dual esc tank rc setup installation" on google or someting