View Full Version : Newbie need advices

2009.11.07, 07:26 AM
Hi people...

First of all i would like to say what a wonderful forum you guys have here...

I just received my Mini-Z AWD readyset (with drift tyres)

After some reading on the forum... i've decided to upgrade the car and also the radio system...
I'm really leaning towards the Ko Propo 2.4ghz EX-10... what are the items i need to buy in order to convert my car into a 2.4ghz using Ko Propo EX-10?

Also, which are the highly recommended mods for drifting?


2009.11.07, 08:53 AM
for drifting, depends on your style, some like to have alot of Camber on their knuckles, but i think that's more for visually suiting the car than the driving itself!
I'd recommend getting a faster motor than the stock one, perhaps the X-Speed for now, and maybe more if you need it - the X-Speed will help with drifting as you will be able to maintain higher speeds!

Crucial upgrade would be the bearings, if you don't have any already, and perhaps grease the diff's, or get some Atomic ones so you can adjust them to your liking!