View Full Version : Touge??

2002.06.27, 04:38 PM
After seeing Bdreeft's vids, it made me think of this.

I've seen some tracks with ramps but, it seems that everyone's track is 2D. Has anyone designed a Touge style track?

Bdreeft, I remember the Bit Char mountain track in one of your posts in Speed Hawaii. That would be cool in Mini Z scale

OK now who is going to give up space for something like this????

2002.06.30, 09:47 AM
there are only 2 of us with z's so far. 3 soon. you would meed a couple of 1 foot high tables to make up/down tracks. it might have to be downhill al the way which would end in a mater of seconds. if it has uphills, it cannot be too steep, or else overheating and frying esc's would occur.

tonight we tried the drift course with our micros and it is fun when you tape up your tires and slide. not like the guy in the video though, but soon enough. laters b