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2009.11.08, 04:04 PM
well some of you may know me from other forums, and my mini z collection isnt as extensive as my xmod collection, but i still like it. i own a bunch of xmods, a few mini zs, and a few bigger scale nitro cars, trucks, boats, and buggys.

heres my mini collection
my first z was an mr-01
it has a bunch of alloy, and carbon fiber, and i believe a sway bar on the front. if i'm wrong on any of this please correct as i am very new to these.
they guy that had it before me had one of the battery contacts come out of the battery tray and he can't find it. so i was joking around and told him i'd give him 20 bucks for it. he said ok. so it has no tx, but i have plenty of those.

so here's what i got

well here's my latest addition, and last in the forseeable future , unless i find a really good deal on one.

showed up yesterday from across the pond. highly upgraded, ma010 with a couple bodies, tx, and some spares.



lil spec list
atm alloy front sus cover
atm bearings
atm rear ball diff
atm front diff outdrives in stock diff
atm sas kit with 1 deg camber and toe arms,orange and silver sas springs
atm delrin 94mm spurs
kyosho multi offset rim kit
kyosho sp chassis kit
atm/gpm front and rear tyres
3 racing alloy rear driveshafts
3 racing lay-down xtal addapter
ATM chassis extension
atm extension spurs
hfay season 2 arm in bb can

and my newest additions
mr01 and a 2.4ghz ma010
now i just need to get a remote



got these in the mail today as well as the xmod stuff i already posted
yellow f340 and a taisan viper.


well i got a deal on a some rims, and a few bodys. so i couldn't pass them up. here they are


i also picked up my first mr-015. so i figured id throw an updated group shot
from left to right

awd, awd, mr-015, mr-01, iwaiver 02 enzo, iwaiver 02, o/l in the works.


2009.11.08, 05:38 PM
Nice z collection :) Except for that red mclaren,what muppet painted that? :rolleyes: :D

Kevin S.
2009.11.25, 09:33 AM
Hey Zippo,
Those wheels are real nice. What kind are they?

2010.10.29, 11:15 AM
looking good !