View Full Version : 2009 SMZR CC Final Standings

2009.11.09, 04:56 AM
Well, yesterday marked the final heat of the SMZR CC for 2009 and I have to say it has been another great season!

The final results are as follows:

1st: Tom - 216 having dropped a 7 and 8.
2nd: Brian - 180 having dropped a 7 and 0.
3rd: Matt - 178 having dropped a 7 and 0.
4th: Tony - 140 having dropped a 6 and 0.
5th: Sarah - 63 having dropped two 0's.

I knew it was close between Bri and Matt for second and third, but not that close! After yesterdays racing with Matt finishing 1st in both races, I thought it was his for sure, but Bri hung in there and held 2nd by just two points!

Top stuff!

Here are yesterday's race results:

And the final, overall standings:


Next month there will be a little prize ceramony to give out all of the prizes, medals and the trophy.

The prizes this year are AWESOME! I think you may be pleasently surprised. There's also a couple of tee's thrown in there too, courtoursy of http://www.bleedingedgeracing.com!