View Full Version : FM band Iwaver 02

2009.11.09, 08:13 AM
I just got me a set of FM band Iwaver 02 from toyeast. Well it was way beyond better than an AM band... :D

The digital controller is very similar to a 3PM function.

Red Team
2009.11.09, 08:42 AM
We had quite some Iwaver's with this TX. We used them for birthdays parties and such events and also for sale.
The batteries in them are discharging verrry fast and 1-2 out of 10, fail to function :(
and the glitch was still there.
Hope the new manufacturer took care of these issues. Just keep us posted !

2009.11.09, 09:07 AM
I had about 18 units, opened and tried 2 units... so far so good... although one unit does not seem to work at first... but it seems the battery terminal to the PCB was not properly screwed on.

I hope to try at least a dozen for my rental... and hope that there would be no problem (specially that it cost only about half of a Mini Z).

I also got the news that they have come out with a 2.4Ghz (but I'll be getting it from the factory and not Toyeast) PCB. I'll update the forum too when they arrive.