View Full Version : live chat

2002.06.27, 04:05 PM
hey here is an idea, we should have a live chat on this site. how cool would that be to instantly talk with fellow mini-zers and discuss parts, cars, and so on. just a thought:p

2002.06.27, 04:24 PM
It's been brought up before, but if you have AOL there is already an active chat room for us. Here's the link (must have AOL or AIM open)


2002.06.27, 08:11 PM
does it have to be AOL? there should be one connected to the site.:p

2002.06.27, 08:58 PM
well, it doesn't have to be, but Mini-Z Admin is working on getting a real online chat hooked up to this site.

AOL is just what's open right now & it's what most people use.