View Full Version : WRC Dnano's!

2009.11.13, 12:03 PM
Just got in the mail today two plastic model kit's from Heller. http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g184/marq74/Dnano/DSC09896.jpg
At first glance, I had the gut feeling that the Peugeot 206 was going to be just too small. But, as it turns out, it is practically a 100% perfect match up with the Porsche 911 chassis, just needs an HM motor mount. I plan on painting this one to match the one from Mini Power. http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g184/marq74/Dnano/DSC09897.jpg
The Ford Focus matches the length of the Murcielago chassis, but it's much more narrower. It will suit the MM motor mount just fine.

2009.11.13, 12:03 PM
Some more pic's.
You can see why the 206 needs an HM mount.

2009.11.13, 05:04 PM
wow this is fantastic! :)
wish i had a dnano to play with :D

2009.11.13, 05:32 PM
Thank's! I'm excited about these models my self. I have two more coming to me, the Renault R5-Turbo which will be red like the one in Never Say Never Again, and a Porsche 928 which will be dark metallic gray to go along with my 911.
I'm thinking of doing the Pug 206 like the box-art just to keep up with the WRC theme, not sure yet on that one.

2009.11.13, 07:50 PM
One more added:Got my Renault R5 Turbo today!

2009.11.14, 04:22 AM
Very nice! :D How does the Renault fit?

I think the Focus needs a bit longer chassis.. maybe a 1mm longer h-plate(/t-plate). They look very cool though.. makes me want a dnano too :P

2009.11.14, 09:39 AM
The Focus I think is perfect, but needs to be narrower. The Renault is a very tight fit so right now I don't know. Still waiting on a Porsche 928.
The Pig 206 will be the first one done as it'll be the simplest one to fit.
The Focus will take longer to finish because of the WRC theme, lot's of painting and lot's of little decals.
One thing about these models which is kind of stupid, is none of them have rubber tires! It's plastic tires on plastic rims! A 100% plastic wheel! I'm sure this will be the first time these models will ever see rubber tires! LOL!
I also forgot to include the 1/43 Mini Cooper S slot-car body that I've got which is similar wheelbase to the 206. Four aftermarket bodies!

2009.11.14, 11:34 PM
Looks like a fun project,but...

Why would you trade two gorgeous bodies like the Murc and 911 for these rally warts? Just something to do?


2009.11.15, 10:32 AM
It may look like I'm replacing them now, but I'm not. I'm keeping what is as is. I got these for future chassis. I plan on collecting all the Nano's plus a few more chassis for custom body work.
I may use these now just to see what I can do. And no, I'm not going to cover these with putty! Only body mods to be done will be for mounting it to the chassis.