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2009.11.13, 03:20 PM
Althought you don't have to be from the Carolina's to come. These will probably be the only participants.

The holiday season might be a good time to have our buddies from south of the border over for a little race action.

Vicky said that her and Jim weren't going anywhere this Christmass. Of course we would have to run it by them. It might be a good oportunity to stimulate some sales and generate a little extra revenue.

Let's keep the momentum going guys, let's get excited, let's race. Bring a friend or two. Let's grow the sport, its up to us.

We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to the mini-z scene, we owe it to our country!!!!!!

Ask not what your hobby shop can do for you? What can you do for your hobby shop!!!!!!!!!

Race hard, break parts, spend money! It's the Mini-z way!

Action B
2009.11.13, 03:26 PM
I don't really understand this post but your getting me PUMPED.

2009.11.13, 09:45 PM
im game let me know a date and time and im sure a few others from mb will make it.

Action B
2009.11.14, 12:28 AM
If its in NC, count Maya and I in. I'll try to get Nate and Mike in on it too.

2009.11.14, 07:55 AM
Thanks for the responses so far guys. As we don't have the official green light yet I can't give an official date or one at all.

As this idea just started brewing yesterday we need to run it by the hobby shop owners. The fact that we are getting out of town response probably won't hurt mattters any.

We will keep you posted as things begin to fall in place.

2009.11.14, 08:35 AM
What about having it at Vasquez Painting Company???

2009.11.15, 12:07 PM
Can you guys fit the HFAY BTE3 (9x20 or so) track in y'alls space? I dont know how HSH is usually arranged, but if you could, it would make for a cool event, and we could all get ranked together. I think y'all would fair well in the event. We had three in the top five last year, and I got second. It would be cool to have more southerners representing the carolinas this time around!


Either way, I hope you can come up with a date soon, so I can try and make it. With family being spread out, I do a lot of travelling around the hollidays, so I need a date ASAP :D

2009.11.15, 01:18 PM
I like the HFAY idea and the Vasquez idea too Landon... Jay?

I am heading to Florida Christmas week so that's out for me.

Daddy Rabbit
2009.11.15, 04:27 PM
Hey guys, pick a date. The 12th & 13th is already booked and we are traveling in Dec, but we will travel around your date.We wll talk it up at MBMZR.:)

2009.11.18, 10:46 PM
Sorry for the delay guys. I will talk to Jim and Vicky tommorrow. Hopefully we will be able to make this thing happen.

If not maybe the MBZR guy will do something soon!

2009.11.19, 07:40 AM
^ If you guys end up not doing anything, Im going to shoot to do something in January (early to mid), then have our enduro in march (not on bike week this year, lol). Im just waiting on you guys to make a decision. If this goes through, then I will likely shoot to have the enduro in feb. Its all riding on you guys :D

2009.11.20, 10:07 PM
Ok, so hear it is! Jim and Vicki are good with hosting another event. After talking with them we have decided that the 5th of Dec would be a good date.

December being the most lucrative month of the year for the Hobby shop. Any other dates are not feasable being that they will be unusually busy with customers, which is totally understandable.

The 5th is just two weeks away is any body game?

For simplicity sake we will probably run the new layout combined with the Mini-Diablo rules.

Any takers?:o

Action B
2009.11.20, 10:23 PM
I have an interview next week for a new job. So, unless there is an off chance event that I both get the job, get stuck with that work rotation that week and cant get out of it, I will be there. Please post up an address so I can see what the damage is lol.

2009.11.21, 07:42 AM
Thats pretty soon! Ill see what I can do though.

Brandon, You can find the address on HSHs home page.

You should really try and make it down. There are some great racers up there, and Im sure itll be worth the trip! Hopefully some of my buddies form the beach will make it too!

2009.11.21, 07:10 PM
as much as i want to make it up for this race that is the one day i can not make it. i also know steven can not make it also as it is his sons birthday party (also the reason i can not make it) i also believe that is the day of the last 1/8 scale offroad race so eric probably may not make it as well. this really sucks.

2009.11.23, 03:49 PM
Sorry about the inconvience guys, doesn't look like things are going to work out for a race this month.

Hope every one has a happy holiday and Merry Christmass!

2009.11.23, 04:35 PM
Its all good. Im going to try and pick a date real soon for January, so we can still get together...just right after the hollidays!!

Action B
2009.12.03, 08:50 PM
Sorry about the inconvience guys, doesn't look like things are going to work out for a race this month.

Hope every one has a happy holiday and Merry Christmass!
Thats too bad! I had intentions of making it to this race this weekend. I just realized now that it was cancelled. Hope to race with you again soon Jay. Guess I'll have to use the trip money for some new parts now so thats not so bad.

2009.12.04, 07:23 AM
Brandon, you guys should try and come down to our next race in MB. I think youd get a kick out of the elevations! Most of the NC crowd should be down.....I hope :D


2009.12.04, 10:09 AM

I talked to a few guys yesterday it looks like a few guys are probably interested in making the trip especially if we pull off a one day trip.

Maybe it is already posted, just wondering when the enduro is? I know there is some interest in this as well.


2009.12.04, 10:37 AM
I can make it a one day event for sure if that means we can get some participation from your group! Ill make that note in the official thread so every one knows.

The enduro is going to be in March. I chose the 20th as an ideal date, but its starting to look like there may be some confilct on that day. Ill give the official word on any change VERY soon if there is going to be one.