View Full Version : Atomic Ball Diff (43T) Motor Pinion?

2009.11.14, 08:53 AM
Just wondered which stock pinion can be used with the ball diff?
(I will get the motor pinion set from atomic when i have money, but not at the moment!)

2009.11.14, 09:35 AM
You should be able to use any the stock pinion with that diff. I am and I haven't had a problem yet. Do you have a stock motor mount? You might not be able to use that diff if you have a stock mount due to meshing problems. Hope this helps.

2009.11.14, 11:43 AM
well i've got the chassis set (with all the stock stuff), and the atomic ball diff + atomic light weight version mm motor pod, though i can't seem to find a suitable fit for the stock motor on the atomic mount which is why im back to the stock one until i get a different motor!

don't suppose you know which tooth pinion is best mesh for the diff do you?

2009.11.14, 12:12 PM
the pinion size will be down to motor selection and size of track,not mesh.
all standard pitch pinions will fit just not the pn 64 pitch:)