View Full Version : NYRC Mini-z 10th anniversary race. 12/12-13, 2009 in Queens, New York

2009.11.16, 06:01 PM

Official information is at the NYRC web page (http://www.nyrcsuperraceway.com/events.php)

December 12th and 13th, 2009, Saturday and Sunday.
Early registration ends 12/5/09.
Register and pay online

127-03 20th Ave
Suite 4C (4th Floor)
Whitestone, NY 11356

Parking spaces available on streets. For mass transit, take the 7 train to Flushing then take the Q25 bus and get off at 20th Ave/127th st..

2009.11.25, 05:52 PM
Please try and come up to this race there will be sportsman class for people who are not experts i,.e. stugottz

it will be alot of fun

Great people round here

heck you even get to keep the handout motor

so please try and come down to this

plus if we get enough people running f1 maybe we can have an f1 race where new people arent with the a main drivers and able to screw them up

2009.12.07, 05:34 PM
There are some additions and changes to our 2 day event coming up this weekend.

1. We've added a SPORTSMEN STOCK class to this event. Mainly for amateurs and racers that are new to this hobby. This class will use the hand out motor and follow all the specs as the 2WD Stock class.

2. Trophies will the award to all A-Main Drivers. For other mains, 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive trophies.

3. We are looking to open for practice around 2PM on Friday.

Please check our website http://www.nyrcsuperraceway.com for more details.

Although this is a 2 day event. If you can't make the 2 days, you can still race on Sunday, 12/13/09 and run 2 qualifiers then the Main Heat.


2009.12.07, 07:39 PM
See the event co ordination thread and the accompanying sticky's for the information on banners and all other event calendar information.