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2009.11.16, 06:46 PM
Hi Reflex,

When I go on your website I add up all my cart items. I then go two my last two items (R1 750 and your 2wd bearings) and my cart appears to have nothing in it. This started to happen to me about 3-4 orders ago. I want to place an order but think that I'd have to make two to get all my parts.. thanks :)

2009.11.16, 07:15 PM
I have received several people tell me this. I am currently looking into it. One way to place orders and prevent this from happening is enter each part by part number through the search bar. This is how I have been able to complete the orders.

I will have a solution tonight though...


2009.11.16, 07:18 PM
Please also try to enable cookies on the Reflex Site. This seems to be a common problem. Make sure your Browser has reflex as a safe site. Also, if you take too long checking out, the server will time out and you will end your session automatically.

2009.11.16, 07:28 PM
I found a glitch, your ceramic thrust bearings are out of stock! When are you getting some more? I have an order to place...

2009.11.16, 07:40 PM
I talked to the factory recently, he said by the end of the week they should be ready. The thrust bearings are moving like crazy! Can't keep them in stock ;)

2009.11.16, 09:42 PM
I found a glitch, your ceramic thrust bearings are out of stock! When are you getting some more? I have an order to place...

Yeah, I ran into this glitch too lol:D:D

Thanks for the info on the re-stock for these ceramic bearings CT.:)

2009.11.16, 10:09 PM
Apparently there are 2 possible reasons why it happens:
1.You have not set reflex as a safe site, so cookies are deleted. Each item is a cookie, some browsers don't save these.
2.You are taking too long to process the order, which in turn leads to the session timing out.

I am currently trying to change the amount of time items can remain on the cart.

Also, if you are experiencing this problem, clear your cache, and this should help.

2009.11.16, 11:06 PM
CT - I've found that if I add something to my cart from any of the sidebar categories EXCEPT for "Hardware & Miscellaneous", and then navigate to the "Hardware & Miscellaneous" section via the SIDEBAR ONLY, the cart appears empty. If you navigate back to any other sidebar category the items in the cart reappear.:confused:
This ONLY happens when you navigate to the "Hardware & Misc" category using the sidebar tab. If you go to the "Browse All Categories" sidebar tab, and then navigate to the "Hardware & Misc" category under the main menu, then the shopping cart does not lose its contents.Weird:)

2009.11.17, 12:32 AM
This is happening because some of the links are going to www.reflexracing.net/cat... and the other ones are going to reflexracing.net, without the www... I am on top of this and looking for a solution...

2009.11.17, 12:38 AM
The problem has been isolated and is in the process of being fixed... Thanks to all of you that made me fix it :P

2009.11.17, 04:07 PM
Sorry guys. My fault. I was spellchecking the site last night, and I didn't have the latest version... Should be fixed now!

2009.11.17, 07:30 PM
Made my order yesterday.. thanks again :)