View Full Version : No reverse..

2009.11.17, 05:37 PM
The weirdest thing just happened. Switched out the motor wires with thiker gauge wire. Hardwired it. Turned the car on. I have forward but no reverse. Rebinded it and that didnt fix it. Anyone no what the problem is?


2009.11.17, 06:00 PM
Try adjusting the trim a little./?

2009.11.17, 06:02 PM
I already tried. And nothing

2009.11.17, 08:51 PM
When your looking the car from the topand the back. Which fet is the reverse fet? the left one right one?

2009.11.17, 09:16 PM
There is no 'reverse' fet. Both are used for fwd and rev. They have 2 channels, one is used on each for forward and the other is used on each for reverse. The opposite channel is used on each fet. Typically, one channel has less current capacity than the other in any given operation, and that is the one that fries when a fet goes... So you can still have forward, even if that fets reverse channel is bad.

When one fet fries, replace both. The other is usually slightly damaged by one fet frying, and may go bad or restrict performance.

2009.11.18, 02:19 PM
i hope it was not a fried fet for you... i had a near similar case with an iwaver 02m PCB, I didn't noticed that I almost stripped-off the board the reverse IC (or was it a fet) when I converted my iwaver into full CF and Aluminum chassis. I also lost the reverse... but when I re-soldered my stripped-off chip, the reverse was back.