View Full Version : Futaba Magnum PCM 1024 - Compatible?

2009.11.19, 11:34 AM
Hi all,

I have an old Futaba PCM 1024 that uses modules. Currently it's FM 75mhz. Can this be switched to work with either the 2.4 ASF or the regular AM band? I've been searching high and low for modules, but no sure answer.

An image of the radio below:

static dot rcgroups dot com/forums/attachments/7/5/2/7/t2713314-210-thumb-futaba%20001.jpg

2009.11.30, 12:27 PM
did some research:

Yes, the old school magnum pcm 1024 is compatible with miniz.
A KO ASF module can be converted for futaba use, or the AM module conversion for the 3PK can be utilized for this radio. It is tested to work, despite claims that it only works with 3pk