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2009.11.20, 03:28 PM
So which is the best i-series 015 car? I have a VW Golf GTI with HM mount.

How would this VW compare to the

-Alpha with MM mount

-Nascar with RM mount (Anybody know what degree tires this comes with...kyosho description says high grip tires)

If you had the opportunity to trade the supposedly desirable VW body even up for an Alpha would you? What about the Nascar?

If you could upgrade to AWD for $70 would you, even if your mates were all running RWD?


2009.12.11, 04:44 AM

I am Jony.This is my first visit to site.I am new to this site,but Iíve enjoyed posting in your forums.Kyosho first introduced the Mini-Z in 1999, touted as "The RC industry's first palm-top size RC car".The first 3 cars were Subaru WRX,Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI and Nissan Skyline GTR.Cars were on a MR-01 chassis.The formula racer F1 came next. The F1 is larger than a Mini-Z. Next, the Monster, then the Overland. Both Monster and Overland were rear wheel drive even though they are trucks. Both are not serious off-road vehicles. Servo and drive gears were not well protected.The breakthrough MR02 chassis next arrived.Finally the Mini-Z racer had a servo saver.Batteries were laid flat instead of stacking two up. This chassis is still popular with racers to this day.Thank you very much and Stay connected with me.

2009.12.11, 08:12 AM

I had purchased for my club lots of the i-series Nascar kits (15-20 kits?) and many of them had issues out of the box. While economical, I'd advise against getting another one. I ended up upgrading all of my rentals (4 of them) to 2.4 Ghz.

If you race and want to be competitive, pick a different body. While those bodies VW, etc... are cool, they are not the best pick for racing. I'm assuming you're racing since you mention 2wd friends.

AWD is great, but requires a lot of upgrades to get it working good.

Regarding the nascar question. The car comes with some really hard tires all around, probably like 50's. Kyosho then include a set of "soft" tires in the kit. These are used for the rears. They're probably like 20's or 30's. The balance of the car is pretty good once the tires are warmed up. If not, the car will push like mad on RCP for a while.

If you got the dough, upgrade your i-series chassis to 2.4 ghz system and pick a body more appropriate for racing.

In answer to which i-series if I had to pick i-series, IMO I'd pick the MM. Note that the Nascars are MM not RM.

2009.12.11, 10:28 PM

simple question...
do you intend to do some serious racing?
if so, i would take sinister's suggestion on getting a 2.4ghz system...
however if your budget is one of your concerns, i believe that you can get your i series pretty competetive... do a search as to which bodies are most commonly used in races... i believe that the nissan bodies are quite popular, as well with the honda nsx, and toyota sc430...

although i haven't got an i series, i've read that this was an economy line z which had an eco motor in it... i'm not too sure if you can swap out the motor to the standard motor or x-speed motor... much less modified motors... doing so might damage the fet.... so please ask around before you decide to change the motor... you might want to consider upgrading your fets to accommodate faster motors...

i've also read that the only difference of the board (compared to the mr02/mr015 series) is that it goes straight into reverse (just like the old mr01) instead of going into brake mode, then going into reverse...

so i guess for me... if you want to do some serious racing, the answer would be to save up and get a racing body... you would have to get the correct motor mount though as most racers either use rm or a mm...

as for awd's i've read that you will have to spend alot for it to get into serious competitions...

good luck and hope this helps... :D