View Full Version : Blow'n up Sakar ECOtren cell.

2009.11.21, 01:54 AM
So some times you think your immune to the crazy things that can happen to us in this. Getting in some practice on my 16 X 20 Research Center Track now taking up half my wood shop. So I had soft charged some practice packs just to get a run in and work on concentration. Let them cool and then put them on the ICE charger 1.0a 5mv peak, nothing to drastic. They got a little warn and I took them out of the charing rack and put them in the model. After I got them in the model I looked back and one of the Sakar Ecotrend batteries was smoking, typical venting process thing but to not hurt the car I wanted to get the batteries out of the car. Got the bad smoker out and noticed that it had melted a little of the plastic surrounding where the battery is placed in he AWD car. Not happy. Still smoking, while it was in my hand, then it got really hot and I put it on the work space and as soon as it got out of my hands it blew up. The pos button came off the battery and hit me just below my left eye.

I have been doing this stuff a long time, 24years and I have never had a battery blow up on me. Unreal. Glad it wasn't a nicad. I have had the get hot, really hot. Used to run 3 minute heats and have no juice left in the pack with the old 1700sce cells and SCR's would be toast at the "whip" after one run and I would jus give them to a kid so he could go and play a little. Never had I seen anybody or heard of anybody actually blowing he pos cap off he battery.

Back to racing. Just be careful guys, especially kids could lose an eye or injest some pretty nasty chemicals.