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2009.11.21, 06:54 PM
So what RTR set gives the most bang for the buck.

My local shop has
-Imprezza AWD
-AE86 Drift sets (are these worth it...$65 more than standard Imprezza?)

What's a fair price for these?

I'm hoping to pick one up soon

2009.11.21, 07:47 PM
Is the Impreza the 2008 Body? If it is, then itīs a 2.4Ghz without TX. The Ae86 is an AM car with Kt-5 transmitter.

2009.11.21, 08:31 PM
yes, determine what the pcb is as well. am or 2.4ghz. this makes a big difference in terms of value.

unless you plan on drifting, a drift kit is not worth it. you can pick up drift tires for cheap later if needed.

2009.11.21, 09:43 PM
I think they had both imprezza bodies for 158, I don't know which is 2008.

Personally I'd rather have the AM controller since then I can use a different one I already have.

2009.11.22, 12:04 AM
well, you've now set some important factors that will help guide your decision. :) how valuable to you is that factor?

2009.11.22, 09:38 AM
well, you've now set some important factors that will help guide your decision. :) how valuable to you is that factor?

Moderately...I was planning on using my Traxxas revo controller and would just ebay the mini-z one. But at the same time the 2.4ghz is interesting.

So the only difference between the drift versions and regular AWD is the tires and lighting?

2009.11.22, 09:46 AM
not exactly certain what a drift kit contains other than drift tires. i don't see mention of a light kit.
The special drift performance of an AWD machine is captured on the palm of your hand with these Mini-Z AWD models optimized for drift racing. With the livery of America�fs most popular drift racing teams recreated in their finest detail, the exciting atmosphere of real drift racing looks set to take the world by storm!

Mid-ship motor mount, shaft driven AWD chassis produces ideal driving characteristics.
King-pin strut system with 4-wheel independent suspension realizes advanced running performance.
Includes special drift tires that match the drift characteristics of the Formula-D cars.
Precision universal swing shafts drive all four wheels. Realizes uninhibited movement of the suspension and transfer of drive power.
3-bevel differential uses a crown and pinion with specially designed gear teeth to drive all four wheels.
Advanced precision technology has been employed to deliver the ultra-reliable differential unit.
One-touch tie-rods can be easily attached or removed. Optional tie-rods can be used to adjust front and rear toe angle settings.
Fully finished body set is complete with official Formula-D team coloring and decals.
Resin-coated metal core of the universal swing shafts produces strength and reliability of drive power.
Equipped with 4 precision ball bearings for high-efficiency performance.
Includes four pinions and three spur gears for a wide scope of gear ratio settings.
Chassis height adjustment collars allow the chassis to be dropped.
Front end features bump stop that regulates stroke and prevents tire contact with the body.
Differential unit can be removed with just four screws on the front and six on the rear.
Features the controlled drift of a true AWD machine.
Can be easily converted to the Mini-Z Racer M and L size to fit your existing Mini-Z body. (Some body styles may not be compatible).
A new surface finishing technology that provides a hard glossy finish in bright lustrous colors. The hardened surface protects the paintwork from marks and dirt so the beautiful car body is easily maintained in all its original glory.
ReadySet Contents
Fully assembled chassis with R/C unit installed
Plastic body complete with paintwork and markings
Pistol grip transmitter
Four pinion gears and three spur gears (3 combinations to match wheelbase variations).
Collars for adjusting chassis�fs hight
Pinion tools
Spare nut
Wheel wrench

if your talking about the new hatch imprezza, it is also 2.4ghz
2.4GHz Chassis - New ASF 2.4GHz system automatically scans for open frequencies to guarantee control safe from radio interference. Simply conduct the pairing of the PERFEX KT-18 (sold separately) with the chassis to complete preparation.
Ultra Fast Response - Ultra fast signal processing speed results in almost instantaneous control response. One transmitter can be registered to multiple 2.4GHz chassis.
FET Speed Doubled - FET speed control amp with almost double the capacity of the previous model delivers powerful running performance. Equipped with I.C.S. terminals.
LED Indicator - Features LED indicator that lights to show power status.
Drivetrain - Sophisticated mechanics include midship motor mount, shaft drive AWD and 4-wheel independent suspension.
Universal Swing Shaft - Metal core resin universal swing shafts equipped on all wheels to realize unobstructed suspension movement for efficient transfer of drive power.
Differentials - Uniquely shaped gear teeth on the crown and pinion gear drive the propeller shaft for the precision 3-bevel gear differentials.
Endless Adjustments - Toe-in angles on front and rear can be adjusted with the use of optional parts. Simple tie-rod attachment / detachment makes maintenance easy.
Bump Stop - Front features bump stop to avoid body contact with chassis and regulate suspension stroke.
Power Transfer - Drive energy is transferred to the ground through high strength resin universal swing shafts with metal core.
Maximum Efficiency - Equipped with 4 precision ball bearings for high drive efficiency.
Independent Suspension - 4-wheel independent suspension with king-pin strut system realizes excellent running stability & performance.
Adjustable Wheelbase - Wheelbase can be easily adjusted to the Mini-Z Racer M and L sizes so you can use those exquisite Mini-Z bodies you already own. (Some ASC Body Shell may not be compatible).
Optimal Balance - Midship motor mount with shaft driven AWD for optimal balance.
Ready Set Contents
Factory assembled chassis with installed R/C Unit
Equipped with 2.4GHz RA-19 receiver
Painted plastic body complete with markings
Pinion Gear 4-types, Spur Gear 3-types (combines for 3 different wheelbase settings)
Chassis height adjustment collars
Pinion Gear Tool
Spare Nuts
Wheel Wrench
Required To Complete
PERFEX KT-18 2ch 2.4GHz Transmitter #82001
AAA-sized batteries X 4 for transmitter, AAA-sized batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH) X 4 for chassis are sold separately