View Full Version : Some pics of the track

2009.11.22, 10:06 AM
Well, not done completely yet, but all the signs and banners and retail space construction is now done.

Check out the pics:

2009.11.22, 10:41 AM
that's awesome with the big banners down the sides, makes if feel like a real paddock. The place really looks great.

I spy a HFAY track as well as the HFAY Banner. Great to have you guys joining in.

2009.11.22, 11:47 AM
Nice shots.. Hopefully will see the track some day. :)


Daddy Rabbit
2009.11.22, 12:41 PM
The place looks great, the little oval is great for beginners as well as a little NASCAR action, good job.:cool:
We have been looking for an excuse to visit Canada. When is the next tornament? Hopefully in the warmer months.:D
If you do not mind, where did you get the banners? :confused:

Action B
2009.11.22, 01:07 PM
Very cool looking. My grandparents owned a hobby shop, I'm hoping one day I can open one with a track area like yours. It looks awesome.

2009.11.22, 01:32 PM
cant wait to start racing it looks really good

2009.11.22, 02:26 PM
Thanks for posting pics! The place looks simply amazing--hands down the best looking rc facility i've seen in the gta.

i'm excited for this! also happy to see that there will be events occuring on fridays (originally, it seemed like the store was only open on saturdays)

2009.11.22, 04:58 PM
Thanks for the positive comments fellas.

The banners were a hookup from a friend who works at a printing company. They make the machines and I found out they are the company that printed the largest banner in the world. I didn't show the outside signs..they're cool too.

I'm so fortunate in that those wall banners with the f1 cars would have been 1000's of dollars, probably in the range of close to 7-10k. I still have a couple I didn't put up. No room.


We'll be holding a 2010 PNWC regional, so come up for that. The 1st time I held that event, lots of the guys from Mini-z came up (Michigan and some from New York). It was a good time.

2009.11.22, 05:06 PM
Looks sweet maybe contact Ferrari themselves to see if you can get some more Freebies :)

Daddy Rabbit
2009.11.23, 07:25 AM
The possibilty sonds good, we willbe looking for a race date.
Keep up the nice work.