View Full Version : February 13, 2010 - HFAY S9 Race 2

2009.11.22, 03:31 PM
this will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2010.01.16, 11:11 PM
PLEASE double check your schedules and prior commitments as i do not want anyone to forget Sunday is Valentines Day.

that being said, see those that can make it at hobby works for event #2.

2010.01.17, 02:49 PM
PLEASE also note the time schedule i've had posted here, is copied and available at hobby works. we will be sticking close to this:p if you have to be late, you might miss some qualifiers, etc.

2010.02.10, 07:31 PM
Is this race still going on ?
Or is it day to day because of the snow...

2010.02.10, 08:00 PM
good call. i plan on being there provided hobby works is open. the reoads should be decent by saturday. maybe not from pa so please consider your own safety prior to driving down. better safe than sorry.

2010.02.10, 09:06 PM
I don't know how the roads will be from pa yet...I-83 and I-81 is still closed from the MD border as of right now.
I'll keep checking this thread and early Sat. morning before I leave to make sure...

2010.02.11, 08:19 PM
I possibly won't be able 2 make it 2 this race due 2 work. All the snow has put deliveries behind at work and if the trucks have 2 go out on saturday, there has 2 be a mechanic on duty in case 1 of them break down. But they haven't told me yet if I have 2 work saturday or not. I hate the damn snow.:mad::mad:All I've been doing the past 2 weekends is shoveling and moving snow.:mad::mad: I'm sick and tired of it.:mad::mad:

2010.02.12, 04:35 AM
I'll be working now Saturday, too, to make up for lost deliveries at my job.
So I won't be able to make this event.

Is it spring yet ? :mad:

2010.02.12, 05:03 PM
i've confirmed hobby works is open and ready.

Action B
2010.02.12, 05:10 PM
You can expect Maya and I to be there.

Full Montee
2010.02.13, 02:02 AM
Christina and I will not be attending because of a conflict in scheduling for her birthday party. Wasn't a conflict till the snow forced us to cancel and reschedule.

2010.02.14, 09:00 AM
we wrapped up at 4:30!

thank you to those whom were able to make it. it was certainly nice to get out of the house.

i submitted our times today! proud of myself for not procrastinating till the last day.

small turn out but still just as fun. thanks guys:p