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MINIz guy11
2009.11.23, 07:46 PM
Bought a body from me. Easy transaction. +1

2010.07.15, 06:52 PM
bought two motors at an excellent price with good shipping.

Highly recommended for buying equipment for SaiTam.;)

2010.07.16, 01:04 AM
Bought 4 bodies, conserved as posted, and shipped to Brazil without tracking.

A good seller and a good person! recomended to everyone! :)

2010.08.18, 12:17 PM
Actually the Custom form # is the tracking number used by USPS.

Thanks for all the dealings.

2010.09.17, 09:19 AM
I bought a body from SaiTam. The body was brand new as described and arrived fast. Perfect transaction, Thanks SaiTam!

2010.09.17, 09:42 AM
i have done manyy transactions with sai in the past

recently i bought two duratrax micro street forces from him and love them great pricing

thanks sai

2010.10.29, 01:23 PM
Bought 4 bodies from Sai and they were exactly as he described them to be. Made the transaction really easy too, great guy. Thanks Sai.

2010.11.04, 02:04 AM
bought yellow murci from him, clean transaction :) thanks SaiTam

2011.04.21, 09:37 PM
Let's see I bought an awd dialed, 1 03 dialed, and who knows whatelse all perfect

Buy from sai