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2009.11.24, 06:50 AM
A pleasure to deal with, quick delivery and good packaging, would definately deal with again :)

2010.02.14, 06:07 PM
oooooh where did this come from? i know for a fact kryten checks his stuff over before sending, and hes not aggressive or threatening either? ive done many a good deal with him. deffinatly a recomended seller, quick postage, everything ive bought has been as described. One of the good guys out there deffinatly :)

2010.02.14, 06:16 PM
ive done many deal through the years with kryten and never had a problem he one of the good guys

2010.02.14, 06:28 PM
Great guy, done many deals with him in the past, all went smoothly, quick dels! Good deals and a pleasure to deal with! :)

2010.02.14, 06:58 PM
Sold me stuff over the years never a problem, in fact sold me a KT-18 earlier this month very smooth transaction.

2010.02.16, 06:01 PM
I would like to do my revised version of feedback.
i would strongly reccomend avoiding any transactions with him, i saw his xmod for sale and decided i would like one, so i made him a really good offer, a mini z monster, dont get me wrong i definately expected an amazing xmod.
anyway 2 days pass and still no xmod, after around 5 days he goes to post office and finds out it was 'lost' then i recieve the xmod over a week after he recieved my perfect mini z monster.
anyway i unpack it and it has terrible servo jitter and doesnt move forward or back, and the soldering work is terrible. [a motor wire came off from taking the body shell off]

anyway i tell him on msn and he replies with sarcastic comments etc, and ends up blocking me.
at this time ive had enough, so i make a thread showing what he did on another forum, he quickly deletes my thread and bans me, preventing me from showing what he did.
so i turn to the forum i did the transaction on, mzr, and i do the same, he simply does what he did before.
now if this is a 'super - moderator' and he acts like this, it doesnt look good for the forum in my opinion.

the following is simply my opinion, could be fact but im just saying.
*to be fair i think it never even got lost in the post, i think he realised it was broke, tried to fix it, then realised he couldnt. so he waited untill he had sold my monster i sent him before he posts it again, so i cannot get a refund.*

either way he left me negative feedback on this forum for a perfect item i sent him, as usual. everything i sell is either as listed or better. ask anyone i dealt with [dr. kustom, netcon, zippo, xmod_noob, jimmy_hooooo etc]
I also have 100% posotive feedback on ebay, unlike him.

2010.03.06, 01:34 PM
Very smooth transaction with Jayce, great communication, nice person.

2010.03.12, 11:02 AM
Got my overland with mint body today, very well packed and very fast shipment. :)
Even had the good will to accept a unusual payment method, so it's a big plus in my consideration. :D
5***** seller here, very satisfied. I will have more deals with him in the future. ;)

2011.02.01, 10:38 AM
purchased a mini-z chassis from Kryten for one of the new guys at our club, everything arrived as stated and in great condition.