View Full Version : Grand Opening MC3 this Saturday 4-11pm- Don't miss it!

2009.11.24, 09:31 AM
Great News,

Mini-Car Club of Canada (MC3) will be opening their permanent, dedicated
1/28 scale racing and sales facility this Saturday, November 28th.

More great news: For the grand opening event, it's free for you to come
and play.

The space is large enough to hold a worlds event. We will be running RCP
and a Giro-Z system. We are planning to be involved in both the 2010 PNWC
and HFAY series.

We continue to be authorized resellers of PN Racing products, however
there will also be stock from other manufacturers as well, i.e. Kyosho,
KO, etc...

We have a small fleet of 2.4 Ghz rental cars that will be available if

Check out our website for more details:


Event details have been posted on the site along with some pictures
of the place. I'm sure you'll love it.

Thanks for your continued support. I look forward to providing you a safe,
fun and if you crave, a competitive environment, to play mini-z R/C.



2009.11.28, 11:58 PM
Grand Opening went well. Many new friends made who will join again for some racing fun.

Finally got the lap counting system figured out enough to get a good race going. Still having issues with extra LCD monitors though.

Just put up a special for the month of December. Bring 2 friends or more and you get to race for free ($15 value).

Oh yeah, some bad news for me. Did a smoke job of the 2.4 ghz AWD rental car. FETS got toasted. I was running a hot motor, guess it was too hot! Should hopefully get it back from the board guy with new FETs soon.

Special thanks again to Thom, Eric, George and Hugh for their hard work to get the track in ready condition.

Added some new pics to the "Track Info" section. Check 'em out.

See you next Saturday for some more racing.