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2009.11.26, 07:56 AM
Has anybody seen these before?



I wonder if the bodies would fit any of the Mini-z chasses

2009.11.26, 08:22 AM
Yeah they are Auldey Race Tin cars:
very cheap electrics and not a very powerfull motor, best thing for these cars is as a source of cheap durable good quality bodyshells, Ive been using the WRC subaru for a bout a year now and have gone through 2 of them sofar as opposed to half a dozen autoscales.


2009.11.26, 09:26 AM
you can find them at micro center stores and expect to see them at the likes of tru this winter. although i'm not sure what scales. auldey makes several scales.

2009.11.26, 10:09 AM
What's the controller like for these? I might get one for my nephew if it has a decent controller.

2009.11.26, 10:10 AM
I've seen these at our local Micro-Center store. They are 1/28 scale and appear to be descent quality bodies. I've often wondered how their mounted to their chassis.

2009.11.26, 10:52 AM
the ones your seeing likely are their 1/24 line. be very particular in looking for these to make sure your getting the right scale. although i'm not certain this model is offered in the 1/24 line.

THIS (http://www.cuztom.dk/history/) is a very good site to see what they offer.

2009.11.26, 11:06 AM
The Audi A4, Honda, Mini Cooper, Peugeot 107, Porsche Gt2 and Gt3, Subaru Imprezza WRC and Toyota Supra are all 1/28

The subaru Shell fits the 94mm wheelbase. You need to be careful that the wheelbase will fit the chassis as the Compact cars will have a smaller wheelbase than the saloons.

Heres the underside of the car as it comes supplied You'll need to make a front clip and get hold of some body clips to fit them to mini z's


I've been buying the from dealextreme.com