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2009.11.29, 06:26 PM
Picked up a mr02 chassis and body from him. Quick shipping and everything was as described and he even threw in some wheels/tires.

Look forward to next time!!

Action B
2009.11.30, 12:30 AM
I purchased a transmitter and differential off of stugottz. He gave me a good price and he ships very quickly. Though, my purchase wasn't packaged well. The transmitter was just placed into a bubble mailer, I really think it needed a box with padding. His communication was overall good but I wasn't aware that the transmitter I was purchasing didn't have antenna or battery clip, I said in my initial post that I didn't NEED the stuff but I wasn't clear that the one I was purchasing didn't have them. This is probably partially my own fault I should have asked more questions. Its not a big deal though. On the upside, the differential he sent me he said wouldn't have outdrives, however, when I received the differential the outdrives were included. So I owe him a thanks for that, because it turns out my differentials are fine, both of them have a rounded off outdrive. Overall I'd purchase from again as long as packaging was improved.

2009.12.11, 03:23 PM
bought some parts from him, went well

2010.01.17, 08:23 AM
I bought a couple of z pcb's from him. At least 1 of them should have had 3010's. Both pcb's had 3004's and one pcb is completely dead.
I have rec'd a partial refund for the dead pcb. I'm now happy with the result of the deal.

2010.04.15, 01:56 PM
bought Stu's AWD and SAS....No complaints!:)

Action B
2010.04.15, 03:48 PM
Attempted to purchase two 2.4 boards from Stugottz. Paid for them but I was issued a refund by him with a note saying that he lost the items before he could ship. Wish I could have had the boards instead but at least hes up front enough to issue a refund in a timely fashion without an issue.

2010.04.15, 04:23 PM
Bought an ASF car, good condition, fair price. All is well.

2010.04.30, 08:43 PM
Picked up KO mars and 2.4 module. Very nice condition. 8)

2010.05.01, 09:12 AM
Picked up KO mars and 2.4 module. Very nice condition. 8)
You got a great deal with that TX.....:cool: