View Full Version : MC3 December Race schedule

2009.11.30, 11:31 AM
Racing schedule for December is as follows:

Saturday, December 5, 4-10 pm
Friday, Dec 11, 7- 11 pm
Friday, Dec 18, 7- 11 pm

Check out our website for more details

2009.12.06, 08:16 PM
Pic attached of layout run Dec 5th. Layout for Dec 11th will have a different inside road course.

Layout for Dec 18th is planned to be HFAY Big Track Event #3 Layout

2009.12.10, 09:27 AM
Reminder that tomorrow is race day (Friday).

We'll open at 7 and race until 10:45 pm with shop closing at 11 pm.

2010.01.07, 04:28 PM
Hey Shawn,

Any updates on the times you will be open for next Friday?
Will you be open on the saturday as well? :)

2010.01.07, 08:30 PM

Date and hours posted on the site. Anytime we're open on Sat, it's 4-10pm. Anytime we're open on Fri, it's 7-11pm.

Will here too for ease of reference:

Saturday Jan 9th------Large circuit incorporating part of HFAY Layout #1 & Drift/beginner track

Friday Jan 15th-------HFAY OLPS Layout #1 & Drift/beginner track

Saturday Jan 23rd-----HFAY OLPS Layout #2 (which is Layout #1 but run counterclockwise)

Friday Jan 29th--------Large circuit incorporating part of HFAY layout #1 & Drift/beginner track