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2009.11.30, 11:49 PM
I just received my AWD chassis today (thanks Brian!) and I have a few questions.. First off, what is a good starting point for tires? I will be racing on a mini-96. What would be a good 94mm body that is nimble and won't require alot of modification to the body/chassis? Also what are a few assential upgrades (besides bearings and tires)?


2009.12.01, 04:31 AM
A good starting tire setup is Kyosho 30d narrow fronts with 20d wide rear. Good starting 94mm AWD bodies; Lexus SC430, 350Z '05, 360GTC or 430GT. I also like the new Subaru STI. I have had good results with it, it is stable but generates more steering with a slightly higher CG than other bodies I have used. There are others, but you want to use smaller bodies on the Mini-96, either of the ones listed above will work well. Just trim down the front lips on the bodies so they dont snag the boards.

For racing on a small track, I have found that higher CG bodies tend to work better, on high speed large tracks, you want the lowest CG you can get. The bodies I listed above are very good all around bodies. They tend to work well on both the large and small tracks. They are pretty light, so are responsive. They are not very wide, so they will work well with the smaller track width of the Mini-tile. You may even consider using an MR015 or AWD body which is even narrower, but will not work as well on a large track.

The most essential upgrade for the AWD are differentials. Kyosho with Reflex outdrives are the best, Atomic and 3Racing are the cost effective. I use a tight rear and looser front diff setting.

You can get away with the stock knuckles on the mini96, since the corners are tight and corner speed is pretty low in comparison to the larger tracks/layouts. You may want to upgrade the swingshafts, but besides that, theres not much more that is needed to get good laps.

Fine tuning with springs and grease on the knuckle kingpins to dampen the suspension and reduce chatter(hopping).

Glueing down the tires to the wheels is very important, and will reduce many headaches of trying to solve problems elsewhere in the setup.

If you race on a larger track, then you will want to add camber knuckles. I really like the Kyosho 1.5d plastic knuckles.

In general I have found that with AWD tuning you want to keep the car as light as possible, so try to use as many plastic parts as you can rather than alloy.

2009.12.01, 07:52 AM
you might want to follow my "Help me with my AWD Setup" thread. there is lots of good info in there as to where to start and what works fpr the AWD. ;)


2009.12.01, 10:17 PM
Thanks for all the help. A few more questions, would I use the same batteries as I use in my MR02 or would I use some higher MaH cells for better performance/runtime? Finally, what type of ca glue do you guys use for gluing tires? Can you re-use the tire/rim after being glued? Thanks again