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2009.12.01, 02:54 PM
Has anyone seen these?

KM Racing. Has anyone tried these yet?

2009.12.01, 03:00 PM
The toe bar looks interesting but I don't know if I can see any value in cambered knuckles for a front end that has camber gain built into it. I guess you could add some static for more overall.

2009.12.01, 04:15 PM
I saw them on a Japanese site, but didnt order them. I dont know the brand, and I am waiting for more options to come to the market (ATM/Kyosho).

2009.12.01, 04:18 PM
That looks cool! I'd like to try the 1 degree knuckles but I'll wait until local shop stocks them.

2009.12.01, 04:23 PM
Given the problems I've had with traction roll, I feel I need some 1 or 2 degree knuckles. Based on the color, I'm guessing these are Kyosho, but could be 3R.

2009.12.01, 04:49 PM
Good that they have them out so fast, but KM Racing's totally unknown to me. I can't even begin to guess if the plastic inserts inside those knuckles will make the suspension smoother or worse.

I believe Kyosho will have cambered *arms* out soon enough, that will probably be a better idea for camber since the steering axis will change along with the camber (AFAIK this seems to be better than changing camber at the wheel level).

PN also has some goodies coming out, won't be a long wait for those either... ;)

2009.12.01, 07:31 PM
and so does Reflex!!!;)