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2009.12.01, 04:45 PM
Last years Reindeer Rumble was a success with nearly 30 racers in the house for our year end race. With the growth of Mini-Z this year, this Rumble should be bigger than our last. Format will be ILR style with 2 quals and triple A-mains. Start time will be earlier to get people home at a decent time. Race starts at 5pm. Four classes will be ran, expert, pro-sportsman, sportsman, and novice. All classes will be open motor. Top 3 spots in each class will receive a Reindeer Rumble trophy. It is always fun to get a trophy but we hope you also have fun just racing for a trophy. Mini class will be FREE if you sign up for a regular class first. The rules for mini are that there are no rules, just have fun.

Good luck.......

Winners from 08 Rumble:
Expert: Scott Kimbrow
Sportsman: David Yu
Novice: Dean

Race Date: 12/12/09
Time: 5:00 PM
Entry Fee: $15
Motor: Open Classes: Expert, Pro-sportsman, Sportsman, Novice, Mini

2009.12.03, 03:08 PM
I forgot to mention that we will be having raffle prizes for our last big race of the year. Everyone should go home with something. Some of the defending champs should be there and some have been bumped up to the next class. Remember we will be starting one hour earlier in the hopes of getting people home early. If anyone needs any help with set-ups just let me know.

Good luck, can't wait for the Rumble...........

2009.12.08, 04:29 PM
Our last trophy race of the season is coming up quick. This Saturday is the Reindeer Rumble. We should have some of the defending champions in the house. This year has also been the return of AWD. I am expecting to see some AWD mod cars in the house also. Of late also, the mini class is making a comeback. Rules for mini are that there are no rules, just have fun. All classes are open motor. New layout will be up for Saturday.

See you at the Rumble............

2009.12.14, 04:40 PM
A great night of racing to finish off another year of Mini-Z racing. Mini-Z racing has been slightly slow around here, but you would not know it Saturday night. We had every class filled up with nearly 40 racers in the house. The ILR family would like to thank everyone who came out and raced with us. Without your support, we would not be here. Setting up a race takes many people that you see and many that are not seen. For me, I am planted in front of the computer for four hours directing and calling the race. But it takes a lot more people to bring you an organized race program. Big thanks to the Hui family for helping out all night. We were a man down and that helped a lot. Many other racers pitched in and help also, thank you racers for helping out. We try to create a family environment and it certainly felt like it Saturday night.

Normally at this point I would go into a race summary but this time I would like to thank everyone again for their support this past Mini-Z year. ILR will do our best to grow Mini-Z/RC and bring you many more exciting events.

Stay tuned for an exciting year.

Mini-Z Reindeer Rumble 09 Winners:

1st Doug Graham
2nd Stephen Bui
3rd Romel Tuason

Pro Sportsman
2nd Ray Cilloni
3rd Khanh Nguyen

1st Ronak Mundkur
2nd Danny Silveira
3rd Matthew Hui

1st Denny Jewel
2nd Christopher Ord
3rd Steve Ord

2009.12.14, 09:38 PM
Novice Stock:

Sportsman Stock:

Pro Sportsman Stock:

Expert Open:

2009.12.14, 09:40 PM
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