View Full Version : Where to buy drift tires in the UK?

2009.12.02, 05:28 AM

I have ordered a Subaru Impreza WRC '08 2.4ghz MA-010 and special edition KT-18 black and yellow TX which are on the way from Japan (jr-rc on ebay) and a PN racing ball bearing set which is on the way from US. Have also bought maha powerex mh-c9000 and some maha aaa 1000mah batteries.

Could anyone advise where I can get my hands on some drift tires in the UK? or elsewhere with cheap shipping. Rckenon etc is $22.00 shipping to the UK which I think is a bit much.

Could anyone help me by telling me why 2600mah batteries etc arent used in MiniZ and 900-1000mah are recommended? Finally - as im new to rc cars, can anyone recommend a good resource where I can find out what the different parts do to help me make more informed decisions when purchasing upgrades?

Thanks and regards
Birmingham UK

2009.12.02, 05:31 AM
hi Chris,
pm sent:)