View Full Version : HFAY BTE # 3 (Official info and track)

2009.12.02, 08:34 AM
here is the official track that we are running for the HFAY Big Track Event #3.

Official Rules are the same as last event. The only addition is that the MR-03 is a legal chassis to use to compete. :) I haven't added it to the manual, but that's the only change.

Classes: HFAY Stock Racer, HFAY F1, Open (anything 1/28th scale)

The track is open to be run any time in the Month of December, Times should be submitted in the HFAY format by the end of the first week of January 2010. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

HFAY Big Track Event Manual (http://hfay.tinyrc.com/portals/0/files/Manuals/2009-2nd-BTE-HFAY-Manual.pdf)

BTE #3 Track