View Full Version : Can The Kyosho F1 Tire Decals Be Used With LM-type tires?

2009.12.04, 03:22 AM
Hello again everyone,

I'm hoping someone can answer this question for me before I go and waste money on Kyosho F1 Tire Decals: Can the Kyosho F1 Tire Decals (Michelin, Bridgestone specifically) can be used with the LM-type Tires?
One thing I like a lot about the AutoScale LM-type bodies is the wheels usually come with some sort of branding on the sides on the side of the tires, which makes them look great. I love the way my Leyton House Porsche 962 looks in pics, cause in the pics the tires for this car have branding. When I got my new Leyton House MR03, I found Kyosho had done the old bait-and-switch: The tires had no stickers on them!:( I was pretty psyched too becasue it seems Kyosho finally decided to include track-worthy grade tires with the MR03 chassis sets, unlike the old Kyosho 50-60-degree hardness tires we got when we bought Autoscales/chassis-sets of old.

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks:D:D::D

Also, I could anyone just quickly tell me the proper/best way to apply the F1 decals to the LM tires if they should fit the LM sidewall tire depth? I saw this question posted before regarding the proper way to mount the stickers so they stay put, again any help would be appreciated!