View Full Version : ma010 faster going backwards - help!

2009.12.04, 07:34 PM
hi just received my 2.4ghz ma010 and kt18. on first run using all stock parts, my car is going much faster in reverse than forward. my carpet is a little hairy and i dont have a better surface to run it on right now but the speed difference is huge and the car feels slow going forward, on new fully charged batteries. could anyone please explain what might be wrong?


2009.12.05, 07:40 AM
could it be something to do with the motor? the car actually feels slow going forward

2009.12.05, 07:56 AM
Read your instruction manual for the KT-18 and make sure your throttle settings are where they should be. However. It is not uncommon for lower end (stock) motors to be faster in reverse than forward based on the motor timing.

2009.12.05, 08:43 AM
Why not reverse the polarity of the wires so that reverse is forward. Put the red wire where the black goes and vice versa.

Anyone chime in if this could cause damage.

2009.12.05, 09:34 AM
hi ive changed the red and black wire where they are screwed into the radio on the top - the car is now much faster going forward, but in reverse hardly moves on my carpet. so is this definitely being caused by a weak motor? if i buy an upgrade motor will i get good speed in both directions? i was looking at the speedy awd III motor by pn racing; will this work well in the 2.4ghz car without upgrading fets?


2009.12.05, 04:13 PM
What about your radio settings? Did you read up on how to optimize everything for proper operation?