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2009.12.07, 02:42 PM
anyone play these?

I have Dirt for PC and just bought Dirt 2 for Wii. Dirt 2 for Wii is not a very good game. the gameplay sucks basically. you just feel like your plowing through the tracks, the graphics are Mario Cart like and the vehicle selection leaves a lot to be desired.

I've only played 1 round on Dirt for PC and while it's not eas easy to drive on a PC, it's a much better game overall on the PC. my kids have Collin Mcrae 04 for PC on thier computers which, if i understand correctly is the predecessor for Dirt, and they seem to like it.

2009.12.07, 03:51 PM
McRae 04 and 05 were THE best racing games of their time at least as far as engine went. Dirt/2 are probably up there too, but only on the bigger consoles. I liked both, but I feel that 2nd game was oftentimes impossible no matter your driving ability. All of that said, I prefer NFS Shift and Forza 3 over Dirt out of this wave of racing games.

2009.12.07, 04:23 PM
My bro has Dirt2 for Xbox360. I use the steering wheel rather than the controller. It makes it a little more difficult, but at the same time, I feel I have more control. In the time that I was playing that game, I noticed an increase in my Mini-Z driving. I was focusing on scrubbing less in the corners and my throttle control got better as well.

I primarily run the time trials. Racing online is a little agrivating with many drivers that just want to ram you into a wall to get a pass eventhough you passed them clean. I dont know where the rank is now, but in many of the TT leaderboards I was in the top 25, and a few in the top 5. I was ranked #1 in one event, but havent played in about a month or so. I found that with most of the tuning of the cars, there wasnt much of a change in how the car performed, although there was a big change in how it felt. After adjusting my driving to the new setup, I was able to get relatively the same laptime.

I stopped playing because I got my own 360, and have been playing COD Modern Warfare 2... I have to get Dirt2 and a wheel, so I can battle with my bro. I played a little Forza 3 with the controller, and I just dont like the feel of controlling it with the stick. I wish that a company would make a RC transmitter like controller for the consoles, that had buttons for shifting that were easy to access... I dont think it would be too difficult, and it would be much cheaper/easier than getting a racing wheel.

I agree that McRae 04 and 05 were really great games. I would LAN party with some of my friends and play that game, battles were really close nomatter what car you chose. You just had to drive them differently. I loved the P206.

NFS Shift is horrible with a racing wheel, the game feels like it was designed for a controller. Which is very disappointing.

2009.12.07, 04:27 PM
Dirt and Dirt 2 seem a bit more arcade-like in their gameplay... the McRae rallies before those two are the gems. I still play the 2002 version occasionally. :D

2009.12.07, 05:02 PM
I grew up racing in Sports Car GT. I believe the game was released in 97, and I played it for about 5 years or so. . . There wasnt much online play, but I did LAN race with 2 of my brothers... and there were many mods and additional cars, which kept it interesting.

The best NFS in my mind is Porsche Unleased (NFS 2000). Good physics and very good single player career play. I always hoped there would be other versions like it (Ferrari maybe), but havent seen anything...

2009.12.07, 06:29 PM
Dirt and Dirt2 are fun games. Loved racing up Pikes Peak in a Semi. However IMO The Colin McRae series of games were better rally sims. NFS Shift is a much improvement over the NFS series but still doesn't feel right. NFSU 2 probably the most fun game out of the whole series. Forza 3 is a huge disappointment. Primarily because of the multiplayer. For some reason they chose to use a hopper system. Its a good game. Just not what we all thought it was going to be. Forza 2 is probably the best racing sim you can play on a console currently. Until GT5 is released. Grid is a very fun game mixing simulation and arcade style racing.


2009.12.07, 07:00 PM
From what I remember, the Colin McRae series was renamed 'Dirt'. . . There are many parts of the game that are very similar, ie; car tuning. I really liked the McRae menu much better than the Dirt2 menu. It takes too much time to go through the Dirt2 menu.

I tried playing Forza 3 multiplayer the other day, I didnt play the career (just put my brothers game disc in my Xbox and played). Everyone was much faster than I was in my class (class D), and I was driving very well. If you dont hop up your car, and tune it, you stand no chance. So, much like a lot of newer multiplayer games, the career and single player part of the game effects the multiplayer part. Which I dont like. I much prefer everyone to be on an equal playing field in multiplayer, not getting upgrades for playing more. Gaming should be based primarily on skill and practice, not earning more advantage for playing more time.

2009.12.08, 08:33 AM
In FM2 you could create online rooms and "force" certain perimeters. For instance you could "force stock upgrades and tunes". This made it about the driver. They took that away in FM3. Buying tunes is a great way to increase wins in online lobbies. The best tunes I've found in FM3 come from RSI Motorsports and IMSR Pointblank.

Playing the career only nets you money. There are no unlockables in the game. You do however can earn discount parts the more you drive. The key to winning online, besides practicing, is buying tunes. There are people in the Forza community who spend alot of time tuning and testing. I've gotten into the Top 100 on the leaderboards a few times because of tunes I've bought. You can't expect to take a stock car and race against upgraded and tuned cars. You have to max the car out for whatever class you want to race.

Dusty Weasle
2009.12.17, 01:06 AM
DiRT is fun, but difficult to drive consistently with a controller (X360). As aggravated as it made me, I'm playing it again.

I've only had a few minutes with DiRT2 and found it easier to driver and visually gorgeous, with an incredible attention to detail. Though somehow it seemed a little more arcade-ish/cartoony. I've been trying to check it out from our games library at work, but it's always checked out, so seems popular amongst some hard to impress developers.

Forza 3 is also a beautiful game, but is only drivable with slower cars. The steering doesn't adapt for higher speeds, so when flying around Circuit de Catalunya in a DBR9 or Le Mans in an Audi R10, the slightest twitch of the stick will send the car darting from side to side. ...Fail...

A possible Rally solution, along with just about every other form of motorsports, maybe rFactor. I've only had a moment to drive some F1 in it on one of the work systems, but it seemed pretty high-end. I know I'm getting it for Christmas, so I'll know more soon.

I've been dedicated to GTR2 for some time. Best. Sim. Ever. (and works with the MoTeC analysis software so you can make proper adjustments. Note: rFactor apparently also works with MoTeC).

On PC I use a Logitech MOMO force feedback wheel (red edition with leather wrapped wheel... nice!) and a Track IR for view controls (Track IR makes ALL games better, especially flight-sims).

Anyone try MX vs ATV:Reflex yet? (shameless plug :D )

2009.12.17, 10:24 AM
i play forza 3 alot and i like it. forza 2 seems better for the multiplayer. forza 3 has the better graphics and the car seem to drive better.back to the topic i like dirt2 due to graphics thats bout it

2010.02.01, 10:32 AM
I liked the detailed graphics, and the dirt track with all its bumps was very cool, but the car/truck/sand buggy just didn't have a "realistic feel" to it, it steered around a "pivot point" in the center of the vehicle.. mebbe sand buggys actually "feel" this way" in real life when you drive them, never drove one in real life, but would prefer the back end swing out more in corners ( fishtail effect ) with a rear wheel drive vehicle like the ones in this game. Tracks were indeed wide, but for a sloppy driver like me this was a bit of a blessing! Razz.
Well having two half-naked girls cooking you breakfast before you race in the Dirt 2 teaser trailer sure is a nice way to get one interested in the sequel... will wait till it comes out before judging it.. if it plays the same as the first Dirt it won't last long on my hard drive though.. preferred Colin McRae "Rally", that one was quite authentic, awesome game...

2013.06.19, 10:25 AM
I have dirt, dirt2 and dirt3. Love them all on PC.

2013.06.19, 12:36 PM
I have dirt, dirt2 and dirt3. Love them all on PC.

Old Thread :-) I bought my kids a XBOX360 and last weekend I played Dirt 2 and F1 2010 on a friend's xbox w/ the xbox Sterring wheel. It ignited the old flame again. I must confess that being a huge rally fan, I was disappointed w/ the gameplay of Dirt 2, maybe my expectations were high. F1 2010 seemed to be much more playable than Dirt 2. Anyway, Since then I started looking for a steering wheel to buy and looking for games. I was hoping Forza 4 would be great, kind of GT5 but all the negative feedback on Forza 3 has set me back.

Any comments on that ? looking forward for your inputs :-)

2013.06.19, 01:12 PM
While I agree that a steering wheel like Logitech G27 is really cool, I don't have that much space in my office so I play every racing game with VRC game controller (good ol' stick type; I'm not a pistol guy), and can enjoy the analogic feel when steering and throttling.
Test Drive Unlimited 1&2 are nice as well.
If I had a console I'd be interested in GT and Forza.