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2009.12.08, 12:46 PM
I was just in the process of mounting the PN "Mini-Z MR015/MR02 90-94mm MM Motor Mount" that I bought, and ran into a few problems.

There were only enough screws to put the mount together, and not enough to attach a damper post, or screw in a motor. Since I was adding this to an otherwise stock MR-02, I couldn't re-use any of the stock screws, as they were all of a different pitch.

My question, therefore is this: What pitch screw does PN use to screw their motor mounts together?

I think that all the screws I need have the same pitch as the screws that were provided to put the mount together. I'm working under the assumption that the screws are M2 sized, but I'm not really sure what made me think that. So, I'd appreciate if someone could give me a definitive answer on this subject.


2009.12.08, 01:31 PM
they are m2 machine thread. just need to know your lengths. most likely 3 and 4mm long.

2009.12.09, 02:57 PM
All screws used on mini-z parts are M2X.4mm. Even the small set screws for motor pinion or on the PN A-arm shaft. The only one that is different is the screw for the diff drive collar. That one is M3.
If you buy extra screws, get phillip head or hex head like PN sells, but don't get the blade head that you usually find at hardware store. They are hard to screw in at such small size.

2009.12.09, 04:42 PM
PN 94-98 motor pod v2 (machine screws):
1x m2x4 countersink goes under the damper post arm.
2x m2x4 button head under the H-plate (motor pod side)
1x m2x4 button head for the damper post arm (next to pinion)
2x m2x6 button head for the screws that holds the motor
1x m2x4 for the motor adjusting screw (next to the spur gear)
1x m2x4 for the motor adjusting screw (just below the pinion)

damper plate system:
2x m2x6 button head for the screws that holds the damper plate
1x m2x4 (machine screw) button head for the screw that holds down the top springs