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2009.12.11, 12:48 AM
High Clamp Force T-Plate Mount

Machined threads allow for higher clamping force on T-Plate to prevent shifting during high g-force cornering. Application of high torque to stock self tapping screws to prevent shifting of T-Plate often lead to stripped screw holes.

Double length aluminum T-Plate Mount with 4 interlocking tabs to insure precise alignment with chassis. Alignment of T-Plate mount is achieved thru interlock of holder to chassis alignment tabs instead of self tapping screw torque.

Countersunk crews are inserted one adjustment position after of T-Plate screw hole. Therefore, chassis with stripped holes for T-Plate can be salvaged with this T-Plate Mount that use a different hole location

Installation Instructions

Note that since T-Plate Mount is double length, only the forward two T-Plate positions can be used on the chassis. (This is usually not an issue since the forward two position is enough to accommodate pretty much all bodies.)

Install the two countersunk screws to hold the T-Plate Mount onto the chassis. Do not over tight the self tapping screws, or the hole on the chassis may strip.

Fasten the T-Plate onto the holder with two machine screws. Be sure the machine screw threads protrude past the T-Plate Mount when the screws are seated. This will insure full thread engagement. Machine screws can then be torque tighter than the self tapping countersunk screws to securely fasten the T-Plate. Take care not to over torque machine screws.

It is advisable to test fit the T-Plate on the holder with the machine screws first to verify that that the machine screw threads protrudes past the holder. A minimum of 1 thread protrusion is recommended.

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2009.12.11, 03:15 AM
Awsome, just ordered a bunch of these, thats cool it can be flipped to do 102mm.

2009.12.11, 03:43 AM
great work philip,i just made a cart for the other stuff,now i have to go back in and order more:p

2009.12.11, 04:38 AM
Great news.
Thanks PN!

2009.12.11, 09:25 AM
The Tie Rod coming Tuesday

+2 +1.5 +1 +0.5 0 -0.5 -1 -1.5 -2
W and N
Orange Blue Silver
Total 54

2009.12.11, 11:01 AM
Hello Philip,

Would you have a photo of the new bars MR03 direction ?

Thank you

2009.12.11, 08:23 PM
Just ordered one of these mounts, my 03 is a tiny bit tweaked and I'll see if this fixes it. :)

2010.01.13, 05:00 AM
This mount works as good as expected. Nice design, and no more stripped chassis.

2010.01.13, 01:01 PM
This and PN top shock= dialed. =)