View Full Version : FET upgrade available soon while you wait

2009.12.11, 12:38 PM
Just placed the order for a super duper soldering/desoldering station so that we can do FET upgrades at the track. No need to send them away to get them done like other places.

This station will allow us the precision to make the best and cleanest connections possible for you valuable electronic boards.

Price to upgrade the FETs is $20 CDN plus the cost of the FETs.

Currently we are recommending and have the Fairchild 8858 FETs in stock.

They are available at a very good price. Come to the track for details.

2009.12.14, 02:19 PM
Great news.

Just took delivery of the super duper soldering/desoldering station. So can do FETs come this Friday for anyone who wants to upgrade.