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2009.12.13, 10:01 PM
Will you guys make any more of these for the mr02? I had one and loved it but messed it up... thanks

2009.12.13, 10:03 PM
Well, at the time, we are waiting for the new DPS system that Mantis (Marcus) is coming out with. It will have the body mount system, the damper plate and the shock mounting holes all incorporated into 1 piece...

2009.12.13, 10:05 PM
Very nice... thanks for the info... I'll be sure to grab one of those for sure

2009.12.14, 12:34 AM
2 weeks and they will be ready! a little more testing.....

2010.01.04, 12:48 AM
How is the dds coming along? Also, do you know much longer it will be before the 96mm plates are sold for the mr03? I was hoping before Tekin Nationals but I guess not :(

2010.01.05, 10:06 PM
DDS final testing will be this saturday and ready for sale in about 2 weeks! pix in a day or so

2010.01.06, 11:30 AM
Let's see this baby...:D

2010.01.06, 08:05 PM
ask and ye shall recieve!!

2010.01.06, 08:07 PM

kit will come with nylons studs for the mount nylon nuts and two aluminum studs that go through the chassis so you dont have to worry about stripping the upper chassis!! my dilema right now is in what condition i want to sell them, natural,polished or hard anodized. the polished is what CT and i have been using for a few weeks and i love it , it works great and is super smooth but it is high maintenence and needs to be cleaned before the first qualifier and before the main. this is what i do with the carbon/SSG ones anyway but maybe the hard anodized will last a little longer. will see in a few days.

2010.01.06, 08:45 PM
what mm are these going to work at 94,96,98,102 all the above maybe?

2010.01.06, 09:22 PM
oh yeah i forgot to ention that!! it works with 94,96,98 (havent tried 102)

2010.01.07, 05:46 AM
Nice design.

(The shock "cover" in the pic. Is that heat shrink tube?)

2010.01.07, 06:16 AM
yeah its heat shrink, keeps the dirt out longer!
CT has been out of pocket for a few weeks but the plan is to have these sold exclusively through Reflex.

2010.01.07, 06:22 AM
So these are aluminum?

2010.01.07, 10:37 AM
cant understand how it will hold the bodyshell ... pics please ?

2010.01.07, 06:02 PM
Prolly like the 1st version you take some screws and nuts and bolt them to the outer holes......

2010.01.08, 07:02 AM
the three holes that you see on the sides hold a nylon stud that will poke through the body. i wil post another pic over the weekend.

2010.01.15, 10:59 PM
Is there a new ETA for this? I want one

2010.01.16, 08:04 AM
they are being sent to the anodizer late next week so about 10 or so days. REFLEX will except pre orders sometime next week. i only have 50 or so on the first round so i suggest that you pre order!!

2010.01.16, 08:07 AM
CT and i are going to take pix of the new DDS and also the new adjustable offset racing wheels that will also be released at about the same time. teaser pix coming soon!!

2010.01.16, 09:55 AM
I WANT 1 PLEASE ! let me know when pre-orders start ,thanks

2010.01.16, 01:57 PM
Here are a few pics installed...



Fit is pretty good, going to test it tonight... :) Im excited, I havent been able to use this body in a long time, since the side body clip broke...

I may add an F1 shock, have to see how it feels on the track...

Depending on the mount that you use, you can use 94, 96, 98, 100*, and 102*mm...
*100mm requires Reflex 96mm t-plate and PN FMv3/4
*102mm requires PN FMv3/4
94-98mm can be used on any 94/98 MM mount.

I am using the FM LCG mount on this chassis at 94mm. At first I had drilled holes for the studs on the rear deck lid, these proved to be too close together, and the studs had to bend too far... I moved the studs to the forward holes, and it fit much better. Removing and installing the body takes a little longer than without the retention system, although I wouldnt say that it is any longer than having to tape the body down, and should interfere less with how the car performs than having the body taped...

2010.01.16, 04:43 PM
here is a pic with RR 96 and kyosho top shock


2010.01.17, 10:52 AM
No offense to Reflex/Mantis....But if you guys are trying to promote your business, dont you think you should take some pictures using a REAL camera? Just my 2 cents.

2010.01.17, 02:14 PM
I just want to say that I tested the car I posted pics of above last night. It drove well, better than I had anticipated. I did not use any grease on the DDS, and didnt feel that I needed any...

I ended up switching the body to a newer/painted version of the F355. I will post some pics of it later when I get home.

I TQ'd and won. The class is 70t, narrow bodies, any chassis so long as the width of the kingpins is the same as the MR01/015/AWD with less than 2mm offset.

The body stayed put very well. Although, I am also using the side clips, and not using the body posts as a replacement, but rather more security. This body tends to pop up if you get hit from behind. I got slammed very hard in practice, and thought that I was definitely broke, but no problems at all.

Thanks Marcus for a great product. I never want to tape a body down again. Taping the body down pinches the body around the rear wheels, and changes the way the body handles. Using the DPS body mount, I had no such issues.

I did change the plastic nuts for alloy nuts, and had to work them onto the screws, it took some time, but wasnt really a problem. The plastic nuts stripped out when I tried to tighten the nut that holds the screw in place so you can install the nut that holds the body down without the screw spinning...

This is going to be a great product :)
No offense to Reflex/Mantis....But if you guys are trying to promote your business, dont you think you should take some pictures using a REAL camera? Just my 2 cents.
Just wanted to point out that these are SNEAK shots. Not the official release pictures. They definitely look good enough to suit the purpose. I think if the car was a little further from the camera, it would be a better image.

2010.01.17, 04:03 PM
No offense to Reflex/Mantis....But if you guys are trying to promote your business, dont you think you should take some pictures using a REAL camera? Just my 2 cents.

i have already stated that real pix are coming soon. no offense taken

2010.02.05, 01:39 AM
I hate to bother but is there some sort of eta for this part? I was hoping to get one soon but it doesn't look like it will make it w/ my next order..

2010.02.05, 01:57 AM
No, there is no ETA at the time. We were waiting for them to come back from anodizing soon.

2010.02.05, 08:01 AM
sorry guys got held up with the wheels. i will finish preparing the rest of them this weekend and get them sent off to the anodizer tue/wed. they need alot of manual preparation.

2010.02.12, 07:47 PM
Marcus, What are the chances of this being available this month?

2010.02.12, 09:52 PM
very high i sent 20 off to the anodizers today so should have them back next week. PM me for details and preorder info

2010.02.12, 10:09 PM
any chance they will come in carbon .

2010.02.13, 07:31 AM
i am workin on that but the hard anodized aluminum works way better. way more consistent and low maintenence. with carbon and fiberglass the "grime" eats into the carbon and scratches the surface. with the aluminum the grime pushes to the sides. i will eventually have both because racers like carbon!!

2010.02.13, 01:22 PM
I was a little unsure about how the aluminum would work, I prefer FRP or CF... However, I was pleasently surprised. As Marcus said, it is very consistant. I find that the CF gums up much more than FRP, and FRP more than the Aluminum when using grease/oil on the damper plate. With CF, I rarely used any oil. With the Aluminum, you dont necessarily have to, but it works much better with a light/mid grease.

As a DDS, I have had very good results. I have this on both of my MR03's one using the body mount posts, the other I havent finished the setup... I have no plans to replace it on either. This is my second time using a metal DDS plate, the first was the ATM Ti, which I took off 5 minutes after installing it. That was before I started to use oil and grease to control how my damper reacts. If you run your DDS dry, then you want CF, if you tune with grease/oil, then metal or even FRP are a better choice.

2010.02.13, 02:57 PM
straight aluminum was horrible, polished aluminum was great but you would have to polish it every race day to keep it consistent, but when i had them hard anodized it totally cahnged the feel of damping and even when it is dry it has really great characteristics! i will put fluid in it maybe once everytwo weeks depending on how much track time i get, it actually feels best when it is almost dry.

2010.02.13, 03:03 PM
EMU, im about to wreck the F1 game!! especially now that we are not limited on motor.............

2010.02.14, 12:10 PM
Marcus, You have 2 PM's. Thanks.